Full Name Abby
Memorable Quotes Sometimes I do, especially when it's close to bedtime.
I can't do it... I can't stay... awake... ZZZZZ...
Wow! I really slept late!
Series Origin Team Umizoomi
Likes Her big sister
Her best friends
Dislikes Sandboxes (she died in a sandbox once)
Seeing her big sister upset
Species Human
Gender Female
First Appearance in Rocko Squad Prime Min and the Mud
Voice Actor Keiko Sanders


Abby is Vanessa's little sister, and a major Rocko Squad Prime character.

About Abby

Physical Appearance

Like in her only appearance in Team Umizoomi, Abby wears a yellow shirt with a red/orange/yellow/pink jacket. She also has blue sweatpants and white sneakers. Unlike her sister, Abby's appearance in Rocko Squad Prime is completely unchanged.

Sleeping Problems

Like her sister, Abby apparently has sleeping problems in Rocko Squad Prime. Although, Abby snores twice as loud as her sister whenever she sleeps.


  • Abby uses lines from her only appearance in Team Umizoomi more frequently than any other character in Rocko Squad Prime, most notably "I can't do it!" and "OK, thanks."
    • Veronica Arrives has Abby using a third line from her only appearance in Team Umizoomi, and that line is "Team Umizoomi, you're here!" In this episode, she is referring to Stone Buddy instead of Milli, Geo and Bot (the latter three are completely absent from the series). It is the first appearance of Vanessa's first best friend.
  • Before her debut episode, Abby was presumed dead when she and her sister were sinking into a sandbox. It made Vanessa so upset that she cried over her sister's death.
  • Abby is one of four Team Umizoomi girls to have two best friends in Rocko Squad Prime, the other three are Casey, Vanessa, and Jeannie. Her two best friends are Alexandra and Gianna.
  • Abby isn't Keiko Sanders' only role in Rocko Squad Prime. Season 2 introduces Kioko to the Rocko Squad Prime cast of characters.
  • Abby's final appearance is in Jumping Judy's first sinking episode. It is also Vanessa's final appearance.
    • Abby and Vanessa are the only little girls to not get discontinued after another major girl's sinking episode.