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Full Name Anna DeWitt, Jr.
Memorable Quotes I've really missed you! It's so great to be here!
It's been a very busy day... (YAWN) Thanks again... Zzzzzz...
You guys finally came back! I got a little sleepy waiting for you...
Series Origin Team Umizoomi
Likes Her best friend
Dislikes Being woken up too early
First Appearance in Rocko Squad Prime Too Much Exercise
Voice Actor Troi Zee


Anna DeWitt, Jr. is a major Rocko Squad Prime character, and one of the children that was previously helped by Team Umizoomi. Following April, she is the second girl to be introduced in the second season.

About Anna

Physical Appearance

Season 2

Anna is nearly unchanged from her appearance from the Team Umizoomi episode called Picnic. She wears a red plaid shirt with a collar, and she wears blue jeans.

Season 4 onward

Anna's appearance in the fourth season has changed to her appearance from the Team Umizoomi episode called Buster the Lost Dog. Here, she wears a flower shirt, and she wears blue short jeans.

Sleeping Problems

Apparently, Anna has a hard time staying awake at times. Whenever she sleeps, she snores at the same volume as fellow Team Umizoomi girl Sophia.


  • Despite having the same debut episode as Beth, the first episode where Anna cries is the debut episode of Angela.
  • Anna's best friend, Maria is also in Rocko Squad Prime.
  • Buster the Dog doesn't appear in Rocko Squad Prime, but he is mentioned by Evil Man in Very Tired; but the Buster Evil Man mentioned in particular is from Arthur.
  • The first episode where Anna makes Josie cry at the start of an episode is The Slow Day.
  • Despite using her outfit from Buster the Log Dog in , Anna uses her outfit from Picnic in the opening sequence of every Rocko Squad Prime episode.