Full Name April
Memorable Quotes Yes. Sometimes, when I'm really tired, I do.
All this sleeping is making me... tired... ZZZZZ...
Boy, I must have been super tired then... (YAWN)
Tough call between the snoring, crying, and yelling...
Series Origin Team Umizoomi
Likes Max the Bee
Her best friend
Dislikes Injuries
The sound of crying
Species Human
Gender Female
First Appearance in Rocko Squad Prime Hannah's Sleeping Slumber
Voice Actor Victoria Leigh


April is a young girl from Team Umizoomi who is a major character in Rocko Squad Prime. She is the first one introduced in the third season.

About April

Physical Appearance

As in Team Umizoomi, April has blonde hair which is partially in pigtails. She also wears a lavender shirt with purple polka dots, and a pair of short sweatpants that are slightly lighter in color than her shirt. She also wears white sneakers. Her appearance is completely unchanged from her appearance in Team Umizoomi.

Sleeping Problems

April has some severe sleeping problems, as mentioned in her debut episode. She snores VERY loudly whenever she sleeps.


  • Victoria Leigh also portrayed Natasha in the Team Umizoomi episode called The Great UmiCar Rescue. Though, April is Victoria Leigh's only role in Rocko Squad Prime.
  • April has the loudest snoring of all the children in Rocko Squad Prime. Before her debut episode, Sally had the loudest snoring of all the children. Although, April lost the title of having the loudest snoring of all the children to Sally again in Revenge of Rapunzel.
  • As mentioned in Hannah's Sink, April gets upset at times, but Another Visitor! is the first episode in which April cries.
  • Starting in Clairy Comes Over, April owns a device called the Sinkinator that will make her sink into anything she pleases. In its first two uses, she sinks until she is rescued, sinking to her chest in Clairy Comes Over and to her shoulders in Demi Debuts. She was sucked under the floor for the first time in Enter Jena. She doesn't use it in some episodes, such as Riley Removed. Although, Krusha never imitates April in these episodes; rather, he imitates the little girl who needed help in the first place. He does, however, imitate her when she has an injury.
    • The Sinkinator is a pun on "sink" which is what someone does when stuck in quicksand, and "The Terminator" which is a famous movie character.
    • While April sleeps after her sink in Just In, Jilly, her Sinkinator is destroyed. In this episode, Rock Buddy notices a large crack in the Sinkinator and demands April to wake up because he has bad news for her.
      • In Something Saidee, April gets a Super Sinkinator, which works just like the normal Sinkinator except the beeps that it makes are different and is indestructible.
  • April may have sank into a carpet in many episodes, but the first time April is seen sinking in an actual quicksand element is in Sally is Sleeping Again. She sinks in an actual quicksand element again in Just Go Under, July! where she sinks with July.
    • Exclusively in Sally is Sleeping Again, April decides to go play outside before going outside. After Olive, Milli and Sally finish their nap, the latter informs the rest of the cast that April didn't come back when she finished playing; which prompts Rock Buddy and Ellen to go outside and find April, and they succeed in finding her; only to find that she's up to her knees in mud!
      • April gets sucked under despite having ordered Rock Buddy to get something to rescue her from the muddy quicksand. This is because, when he goes back inside and returns to April when he gets something to rescue her (a rope), April was up to her neck in the same muddy trap that she got stuck in earlier.
  • From Right, Rheba? up until Riley Reduces, April has been featured in nearly every past sinking adventure with the little girl who sinks onscreen in the same sinking episode; though the only exceptions are Jenny Ananya who sank with Kelly and Rheba Wilson who sank with nearly every little girl from Team Umizoomi, including April.
  • April is first abused in Start September, but as of And Amorita Sinks, Sally is abused instead. If Sally is ever someone's roommate, April will take over Sally's intended role of being abused.