Full Name Autumn
Memorable Quotes Oh, my goodness! Are you okay?!?!?!
I don't think I slept like a rock!
Wait, I'm gonna die?!?!?! GET ME OUT!!!!!
Well, I think I'll rest my arms on the mud and watch them get pulled under.
Series Origin Bloopy's Buddies
Likes Her best friend
Dislikes Seeing her best friend upset
Species Human
Gender Female
First Appearance in Rocko Squad Prime Autumn's Visit
Voice Actor Chelsea Huss


Autumn is a young girl from Bloopy's Buddies who is a recurring Rocko Squad Prime character. She is Stacie's best friend.

About Autumn

Physical Appearance

Autumn wears a pink shirt with a purple vest. She also wears blue and white pants that have spots like that of a cow and black shoes. Her outfit is completely unchanged from her only appearance in Bloopy's Buddies.

Sleeping Problems

Autumn has a sleeping habit in Rocko Squad Prime. It is revealed that she always gets tired at certain points.


  • Autumn had no name before she appeared in Rocko Squad Prime. She shares this trait with Robin.
  • Autumn is the first Bloopy's Buddies character found in Rocko Squad Prime. She will be followed by Anneka, Katie, Michelle, Danielle, and Annie in that order.
  • Autumn is the last Bloopy's Buddies character to join the major cast of characters in Rocko Squad Prime.
  • Autumn and Annie are the only Bloopy's Buddies characters to not be featured in any K. Rool segments.