Full Name Casey
Memorable Quotes Sorry, this chair is so comfy!
I'll think of something nice and relaxing... Zzzzz...
I took a little nap while I was waiting for you guys to come back.
I didn't even know Hannah was here! I slept through the whole thing!
Series Origin Team Umizoomi
Likes Sleeping
General Armstrong
Her best friends
Dislikes Making Josie upset
Being forced to wake up
Species Human
Gender Female
First Appearance in Rocko Squad Prime Sleepy Casey
Voice Actor Kylie LaDuca


Casey is a little girl from Team Umizoomi and is a major Rocko Squad Prime character. She currently works as the nurse of the Rocko Squad.

About Casey

Physical Appearance

Like in Rainy Day Rescue, Casey has blonde hair in braided pigtails and a blue shirt with flowery decals. Unlike the aforementioned episode, Casey has green shorts in Rocko Squad Prime.

Sleeping Problems

Unlike either of her appearances in Team Umizoomi, Casey has sleeping problems in Rocko Squad Prime. Whenever she sleeps, she also snores.

Episodes Where Casey Has Cried

Casey has cried at least once in the following episodes:

1Casey experiences an injury in this episode.
2In this episode, Casey also cries after Josie (Sally in Season 4 onward) wakes her up with her crying.
3Casey cries after she regrets abusing Josie (Sally in Season 4 onward) in this episode.
4In this episode, Casey cries due to a sadness problem that she has.
5Casey cries in this episode when she overhears a problem she gives another little girl a problem right after it is explained.


  • Starting in Casey's Shell, Casey owns an extremely comfortable chair that was formerly owned by General Armstrong.
    • The aforementioned episode is the only sinking episode where Casey gets stuck.
  • Casey is one of the few girls who sleep in more frequently.
  • Casey's voice tone in Rocko Squad Prime strongly resembles her voice tone from the Team Umizoomi episode called Rainy Day Rescue.
  • The first episode where Casey experiences an injury is Casey's Calamity.
  • Despite the fact that Jeannie was the first female kid from Team Umizoomi to have appeared in the aforementioned show, Casey is the first female kid from Team Umizoomi who moved from UmiCity to Rockoland. She is also the second kid to have appeared in Rocko Squad Prime at all, the first being Josie.
  • In Casey's Calamity, Casey's first line is also her first line in Rainy Day Rescue. Also, Rock Buddy asks her the same question Bot asked her in the aforementioned Team Umizoomi episode, but the lines were used in its reverse order.
  • Casey is one of the three girls from Team Umizoomi to have two best friends instead of one, the other two are Jeannie and Vanessa. Her two best friends are Robin and Anneka.
  • It is revealed in Enter Jena that Rock Buddy hates Casey's crying more than anyone else's crying, and gets really mad when she cries.
  • If the viewers look closely in Casey's bedroom in certain episodes, it is revealed that Casey has a Wii U console. Casey's Wii U is a model exclusive to Rocko Squad Prime, and it is called the Wii U Extreme (which looks exactly like the Wii U Basic model except it is green instead of white).
  • Casey's final appearance as a major girl is in Dana's first sinking episode. She will return as a recurring character in Season 11.

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