Rocko Squad Prime Episode
Casey's Shell
Rocko Squad Prime Season 1 Episode 1C
Episode Type Sinking
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Wake Up, Casey!
To Sleep or Not to Sleep


Casey's Shell is a sinking episode of Rocko Squad Prime and is the third episode of the first season.


Josie is very sad and the friends try to cheer her up. Casey needs to go to the beach to find a shell. She falls into quicksand and sinks.


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Intro: Josie's Sadness

Josie fears that Casey won't ever wake up and cries. Rock Buddy told Josie that all Casey needs is a little nap. General Armstrong tells Josie to think twice when she thinks that Casey will be hibernating. Josie continues crying and Rock Buddy decides to wake Casey while Sally hopes he can do it.

Sleeping Casey

Rock Buddy runs up to Casey's bedroom and knocks on her door, but she doesn't wake up. This upsets Josie who fears that Casey will never wake up. Rock Buddy becomes furious and bursts into her bedroom and demands Casey to wake up. She does, stretches her arms, yawns, and goes downstairs with Rock Buddy. Casey then apologizes for making Josie cry.

Armstrong's Assignment

General Armstrong tells Casey that she must get him a seashell so that she can be his assistant nurse. He points to a door that will take her and Rock Buddy to the beach. Rock Buddy and Casey go through the door.

Collecting the Shell for Armstrong

Arriving at the beach, Rock Buddy warns Casey that there is initially no quicksand at the beach, but it would change after they got a seashell for General Armstrong. Casey spots a beautiful shell and takes it. Rock Buddy and Casey have succeeded in the assignment. They decide to go back home.

Casey's Calamity

However, their victory lap is cut short because Casey gets her feet stuck in the sand. Rock Buddy claims that they were so close to getting Casey as Armstrong's nurse. Casey says that she would be fine as long as the seashell can be delivered, then she sinks to her knees. Rock Buddy promises to keep hold of the seashell which Casey throws over to Rock Buddy. After he catches the seashell, Casey is sucked deeper into the sand until her legs are submerged. Rock Buddy vows to keep the shell in his pockets. He then takes his cellphone out and has Casey call Armstrong.

Phone Call

Casey gives Armstrong some good news and bad news. The good news is that Casey got him a seashell. The bad news is that Casey was sinking into the beach like quicksand. Armstrong says that if Casey is sinking, he'll never be able to hire her. Fortunately, he finds out that Casey is unable to die; but Casey still says that she is able to sink because the quicksand was up to her chest. Armstrong hopes that Casey will return soon. Then, Casey has to hang up because she is up to her armpits. After Casey hangs up, Rock Buddy demands Casey to hurry and give him back his phone, which she does.

Sucked Under

Casey is now unable to keep her arms above the sand, so she puts them in and sinks deeper into the sand. Rock Buddy now claims that Casey is extremely stuck. Casey sinks until only her head is above the sand, then she asks Rock Buddy if he still has her shell. Rock Buddy says he does, then Casey goes under. Rock Buddy goes back home.

The Resting Chair

Back at Rocko Base, Josie wonders if Casey finished her mission. Rock Buddy opens the door, then Casey returns. Rock Buddy takes her shell out of his pockets and gives it to Casey. She gives the shell to Armstrong, then Armstrong congratulates her and turns her into his nurse. Casey has become very happy; but Armstrong claims that she has also become pretty tired. So, he takes Casey to his new resting chair which he made exclusively for Casey. She slumps into her new chair, closes her eyes, yawns, and after she says her new chair is extremely comfy, she falls asleep and snores loudly. Evil Man tells everyone that Casey needs a rest. Sally agrees because she had a busy day. Rock Buddy claims that the next episode will have Casey thinking that it will be her naptime all day long. Evil Man hopes there's a way to keep her awake, then Armstrong tells everyone else to get some shut eye. Everyone else agrees, then as Josie and Sally join Casey in sleeping, Evil Man says goodbye.


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  • This is the first episode where Casey refuses to wake up.
  • This is the only sinking episode where Casey is the one who sinks.
  • This is the first episode where Casey uses her resting chair.
  • Team Umizoomi is mentioned right before Casey is sucked under the sand at the beach.
  • This is the very first sinking episode.
  • This is the first sinking episode with more than two male characters.