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Cindy Comes to Town
Rocko Squad Prime Season 3 Episode 19
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Cindy Comes to Town is the nineteenth episode of Season 3 of Rocko Squad Prime.


Josie is very upset because Casey lost Josie's favorite shirt. The friends try to help Josie find it. The doorbell rings, and Sonya is so excited to see her friend Cindy, she slips on the stairs and falls.


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Intro: Apparel Thievery

Josie is very upset because Casey borrowed one of her shirts one day ago, but hasn't returned it to her. Rock Buddy angrily tells Josie that Jeannie will wake up furious should Josie wake her up. Unfortunately, Jeannie winds up waking up by force, and furiously asks Josie why she's crying again, and claims she's always crying. Josie demands her shirt back, Evil Man becomes very angry, and Rock Buddy becomes five times as angry as Evil Man is. Sally begs Casey to give Josie's shirt back to her, and Casey finally returns Josie's shirt. Casey then swears never to borrow anything from her again.

The Gang Wakes Up

Evil Man tells Josie that she almost woke Kayla and Stacie, but the two already woke up. Rock Buddy then assures everyone that Vanessa and Abby haven't woken up either, but the two sisters already have done just that. Evil Man argues about Sophia and Olivia sleeping, but he loses the argument due to Sophia and Olivia being awake. Evil Man then assures that Ellen didn't wake up, but he's wrong. Meanwhile, a rock with a rainbow knit cap and skull-and-bones tattoo on his chest tells everyone that his little brother, Rock Buddy can't be doubted because Melissa and Emily haven't yet woke up, but the two children are already in the living room. Emily explains that all of her friends were going on vacation, including Emily herself.

Checking on Sonya

Rock Buddy declares that he's gonna go check on Sonya, then he goes up to her bedroom and wishes her a good morning. Sonya claims that she's unable to wait for Cindy, and Rock Buddy tells her that she's about to arrive.

Sonya's Sadness

Sonya hopes that Cindy is almost here because she's starting to get impatient. Just then, the doorbell rings. Sonya is so excited, only to have slipped on the final step and bruised her arm! Due to the injury, Sonya starts to cry. Cindy hugs her best friend and claims that Sonya is really hurt.

Coming On Armstrong

Just then, General Armstrong has heard Sonya's crying and he enters the living room. He has Sonya confirm where her bruise is, then she points to her elbow while still crying uncontrollably. Armstrong doesn't spot any blood, but a large bruise. Armstrong claims that "a super ice pack" is what he needs. After he pushes the ice pack on Sonya's injury, he then gives her a sticker, and he claims he's not a doctor for nothing.


After Sonya has finally calmed down, Rock Buddy asks Cindy if she ever gets tired because Sonya also gets sleepy at times. Rock Buddy offers a nap because he claims that Cindy is tired just by coming to Rocko Base, and Casey lets Cindy sit in her resting chair. After Cindy slumps into the resting chair, she closes her eyes and claims that the chair is really comfy, then falls asleep. Armstrong warns the friends that snoring is very contagious, and Stone Buddy warns everyone that Cindy's snoring is pretty loud. After their speech, Casey, Abby, and Vanessa end up joining Cindy in sleeping. Stone Buddy claims that it's good that Ellen made some coffee, but Ellen and Sonya fall asleep as well.

Jeannie's Tears

Jeannie wonders when everyone will wake up because she thinks they've been sleeping long enough. Stone Buddy asks Jeannie what would happen if the friends let Casey, Abby, Vanessa, Ellen, Sonya, and Cindy sleep a little longer, then Jeannie ends up crying. This infuriates Rock Buddy, whose screaming makes all girls awaken. Cindy notices Jeannie's tears, so she hugs her. Cindy apologizes for making Rock Buddy angry, then Armstrong leaves.

Rock Buddy's Fury

Stone Buddy doesn't seem to understand why his little brother dislikes crying, then Josie comments that everyone cries at some point in life. Stone Buddy spots a tear in Sonya's eye and comments that he has to start his anger soon. Following this, Sonya starts crying again, infuriating Stone Buddy in the process. When Sonya begs not to scream, Rock Buddy joins his big brother in fury. After some time, Stone Buddy begs Sonya not to cry and hugs her. Sonya tells her friends that she'll be happy if everyone else is happy.


Evil Man offers to let Cindy sleep over at Rocko Base. Cindy accepts the offer, and she decides that she'll sleep with Sonya. Evil Man escorts Cindy to Sonya's room, then he tells her that Sonya is on her way and is bringing her a sleeping bag. Sonya finally enters her room, then Cindy gets into her sleeping bag and Sonya climbs into her bed. Evil Man then pulls the blanket over Sonya and asks her if she has anything to tell him before she goes to sleep. Sonya thanks her best friend and Evil Man for having "so much fun" then goes to sleep, snoring. Evil Man proceeds to cover Cindy with the blanket part of her sleeping bag, then he tells her that Sonya is loudly snoring, which makes Cindy tired. She yawns, then Evil Man asks her if there's anything she has to tell him before she goes to bed. Cindy thanks Evil Man one last time for letting her sleep over then joins Sonya in sleeping and snoring. Evil Man turns Sonya's bedroom light off and waves goodbye.


Bold indicates major characters, and italics indicate characters who make his/her debut in this episode.