Full Name Ellen
Memorable Quotes How can I sleep with all this crying!
All this nonsense is making me... tired... Zzzzz...
I'm trying to keep my eyes open... (yawn)
Sorry, my clock must be wrong...
Series Origin Team Umizoomi
Likes Her mother
Rock Buddy
Her best friends
Dislikes Being yelled at
The sound of crying (she claims she can't sleep while someone is crying)
When someone other than herself offers to make everyone coffee
Species Human
Gender Female
First Appearance in Rocko Squad Prime Sleepy Ellen
Voice Actor Jennifer Tworney


Ellen is a young girl who originated from the Team Umizoomi episode called Day at the Museum. She currently lives with the Rocko Squad.

About Ellen

Physical Appearance

Like in Day at the Museum, Ellen has a red shirt and blue jeans. Unlike the aforementioned episode, she has purple shoes instead of black shoes.

Sleeping Problems

Ellen is more prone to sleeping than in Day at the Museum, and she has a likely chance of falling asleep when someone says she is silent. She snores whenever she sleeps.


  • Ellen's mother was mentioned in two episodes, once in Marcia and the Mud after Evil Man gets a call from her, and again in her debut episode when she told her friends that she needed help.
  • It is revealed in Not So Sleepy Olivia that Ellen can't sleep if Josie is crying too much.
  • Ellen is the first Team Umizoomi character who cries in her Rocko Squad Prime debut episode. However, she doesn't get the title of being the first overall Team Umizoomi character who cries, that goes to Josie.
  • Ellen is the only Team Umizoomi character who knows how to operate the coffee maker. This is first seen in Cheer Up, Casey.
    • Whenever someone other than Ellen offers to make coffee for someone who can't stay awake, one of the males in a certain episode, usually Rock Buddy will say that using the coffee maker is Ellen's job.
  • If the viewers look closely in Ellen's bedroom in various episodes such as Moving Day, they will notice that Ellen has a Nintendo Wii console and two Wii Remotes, one of which is blue, and one of which is pink.
    • The games that Ellen has for her Wii are Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, Mario Kart Wii, and Mario Super Sluggers. All of these games have the Mii as a playable character, and Ellen always plays as her own Mii whenever she plays these games.
  • Ellen's final appearance is in Demi's second sinking episode.