Full Name Emily
Memorable Quotes I really AM sleepy... (yawn) Goodnight... Zzzzzz...
I had a dream where I was at the beach and got stuck in the sand.
I don't know what's gotten into me today! I'm so sleepy...
I had a dream all my friends moved away. I was very sad, and lonely too.
Series Origin Team Umizoomi
Likes Good dreams
Ramona Quimby
Being woken from nightmares
Dislikes The word "sparkle" (it makes her sleepy)
Being stuck in quicksand
Species Human
Gender Female
First Appearance in Rocko Squad Prime Super Sad Sonya
Voice Actor Deborah Cole


Emily is the girl from the Team Umizoomi episode called Favorite Things Show. She is a major character in Rocko Squad Prime.

About Emily

Physical Appearance

Like in Favorite Things Show, Emily wears a white and blue striped dress, along with grey school shoes with pink socks. She is completely unchanged from her appearance from Team Umizoomi.

Sleeping Problems

Unlike her appearance in Team Umizoomi, Emily has sleeping problems; most notably in Sleepy Head Emily. Whenever she wakes up at the start of an episode, she has either a dream or a nightmare; the latter being the most common. Example: she dreams of being stuck in some beach quicksand in Min and the Mud; but this is never seen.


  • In every sinking episode since Gina's Adventure. Emily dreams of being stuck in some sort of quicksand.
  • In almost every episode that Crash Gordon is present in, as well as every episode where someone takes a huge nap, Emily has a nightmare. For example, all of her friends moved out of her home in Stacie's Arrival. One exception is Marcia and the Spell where she dreams of meeting a terrifying ogre which turned out to be a nice ogre, just like like the famous character Shrek.
  • Emily is not Deborah Cole's only role in Rocko Squad Prime. In Season 2, Emma is featured in the show as well, even though the latter debuts as a recurring little girl.
    • After Demi is promoted to major, however, Emma is Deborah Cole's only role in Rocko Squad Prime.
  • The first episode in which Emily cries is in Return of Sleepy Marcia.
    • She usually cries when she has a really bad nightmare, but there are some episodes where Emily cries without having a nightmare, such as The Slow Day.
  • The viewers can see Emily's Sparkle Shells on her dresser if they look close enough when Emily goes to bed at the end of Movin' in For Emily as well as in various episodes such as The Great Muddy Escape when she wakes up before explaining her dream to her friends, despite the word "sparkle" making Emily severely tired when she hears that word enough times.
  • The first episode where Krusha imitates Emily is Sleepy Head Emily.
  • Emily is the only girl from Team Umizoomi whose best friend wasn't introduced in Season 2.
  • It is revealed in Jaclyn Gets Jinxed that Emily's favorite actor is Harrison Ford who is known for portraying Han Solo and Indiana Jones from Star Wars and the franchise of the same name, respectively. Contrary to this, a battery voiced by Harrison Ford is introduced to the show in the third season.
  • In Meek Meganly, Emily dreams she is kidnapped by King Bowser who was previously seen in Cher Cheers Up. This is the first episode that King K. Rool is present in to have Bowser featured in some way.
  • Melanie and the Spell is the only episode where we see Emily's dream on-screen.
  • It is revealed in Ashly Arrives that Emily's favorite Disney character is Belle from Beauty and the Beast.
  • Emily's final appearance is in Demi's second sinking episode. After this episode, Min takes Emily's role of having dreams at the start of each episode.