Evil Man
Evil Man
Full Name Evil Man
Also Known as Rocko Squad Leader
Washington Fryer Commission Spots Guy (as of Natalia Needs Sleep)
Memorable Quotes You've got to be kidding me!
Yep, she has no problems whatsoever, and has been dying to see you.
Okay... It's me, the Washington Fryer Commission Spots Guy, and...
When our audience saw you on television, you raised your voice a lot.
Series Origin Original
Likes The entire Rocko Squad
His best friends
Dislikes The sound of snoring
The sound of crying (especially Josie and April's crying)
Almost everything (when he is angry)
Species Cannon
Gender Male
First Appearance in Rocko Squad Prime Sleepy Casey
Voice Actor Pat Cashman


Evil Man is an original character made exclusively for Rocko Squad Prime. Like his friends, Rock Buddy and Sally, Evil Man appeared in every episode of the series.

About Evil Man


Evil Man is a blue cannon with one green eye. He speaks when his eye glows in sync with his words.


Evil Man is a counterpart to Milli from Team Umizoomi.

  • They are both protagonists in the series.
  • Their ages are both confirmed. (Both of them have definite age.) Milli is 6, while Evil Man is 48.
  • They both have their sidekick and best friends that are opposite gender to them. For Milli, Geo is her sidekick and Bot is her best friend. For Evil Man, Rock Buddy is his sidekick and the all of the major children are his best friends.


  • Evil Man's voice actor, Pat Cashman was the announcer of the television show called Bill Nye the Science Guy, as well as the video game called Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  • Despite his name stating that he is evil, Evil Man is actually a good guy.
  • It is revealed in the Rocko Squad's motto that Heihachi Mishima was the person that made Evil Man form the Rocko Squad.
  • After Casey tells Evil Man that she's really worried in nearly every episode, he introduces himself to the viewers in a similar fashion to some of the kids from Team Umizoomi; but there are some differences, including:
    • Evil Man introduces himself as the Washington Fryer Commission Spots Guy instead of Evil Man.
    • Evil Man doesn't tell the viewers that he needs help.
  • In her debut episode, Evil Man tells Demi that she killed her own mother in her anger, just like how Darth Vader killed Padme in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. There are several differences, however:
    • Darth Vader was a little sad, whereas Demi was really sad.
    • Evil Man says that he figured out why her mother died, whereas Darth Vader asks the Emperor if Padme is safe.
    • Demi cries over the death of her mother. Darth Vader didn't cry.
    • Darth Vader damages several surrounding objects and droids through the Force, then he breaks the clamps that have been holding him down and takes a few steps forward. Demi doesn't do any of that.
  • It is revealed in Violet is Very, VERY Sleepy that Evil Man has a ton of board games.