Fern Arable
Fern Arable
Full Name Fern Arable
Memorable Quotes It's not me, it's her!
I think I'm sinking more.
You're not gonna kill it, are you?
Series Origin Charlotte's Web
Likes Being stuck in mud
Dislikes Being unable to go to a school dance
Species Human
Gender Female
First Appearance in Rocko Squad Prime Fern's Fun
Voice Actor Dakota Fanning


Fern Arable is a little girl who lives with her parents on a farm. She is the only Charlotte's Web character in Rocko Squad Prime.

About Fern

Physical Appearance

Fern has blonde hair which is in pigtails, and she wears a brown sweat shirt with blue jeans and sneakers. Her design is unchanged from her design from the 2006 Charlotte's Web film.

Sleeping Problems

Fern sleeps in Rocko Squad Prime, and she snores whenever she does. She is the second girl to have intensified her snoring, the first was Rebecca Gallo. In Greetings, Gretel, Fern was extremely tired for the entire episode because she didn't sleep for three days.

Differences between Fern and Sally

While Fern and Sally are both in Rocko Squad Prime, they both are different than one another. Below is a full list of differences.

Fern - Sally
Fern Sally
Fern is from Charlotte's Web. Sally is from Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat.
Fern is a recurring little girl in the second season, but she becomes a major little girl in the third season. Sally has no appearances whatsoever as a recurring little girl and is always a major little girl.
None of Fern's relatives are deceased in Rocko Squad Prime. Sally's only deceased relative in Rocko Squad Prime is Conrad.
When stuck in mud, Fern's sinking speed is average. Sally sinks really slowly when stuck in mud.
Krusha imitates Fern and her father. Krusha only imitates Sally.
There is a special K. Rool segment in the episode where Fern is put into Crash's spell. In the episode where Sally is put into Crash's spell, the usual K. Rool segment where Krusha imitates a little girl is used.


  • In Fern's Follies, after King K. Rool orders Klump to kill the music, Klump turns on the wacky kazoo music and does the I Wish You Wouldn't Do That Shake. This is one of the two episodes where Klump does this dance.
  • In Season 3 onward, Fern is a part of the major cast of characters in Rocko Squad Prime. She was initially going to keep her role as a recurring little girl, but the developers decided against this for unknown reasons.
    • Fern is the fourth little girl to start off sleeping in the third season, the first three were Jan Brady, Polly Graph, and Gabi.