General Armstrong
Full Name General Eric Armstrong
Memorable Quotes You can always count on me when you have an injury!
I know, another head injury crisis...
Series Origin Original
Likes His friends
Healing injuries
Dislikes Seeing a little girl with a head injury
Species Alligator (Season 1)
Crocodile (Season 2 ongoing)
Gender Male
First Appearance in Rocko Squad Prime Sleepy Casey
Voice Actor Travis Willingham


General Eric Armstrong is a crocodile and a doctor combined into one. He is a character made exclusively for Rocko Squad Prime.

About Armstrong

In the first season, Armstrong hasn't made a lot of appearances, and he is based on an alligator. He appears whenever a major girl gets an injury in Season 2, and is based on a crocodile. In Season 3 onward, he is way more prominent than he was in the first two seasons and retains his species of a crocodile.


  • Armstrong is a counterpart to DoorMouse in Team Umizoomi.
    • Both of them are good friends to main characters as DoorMouse is good friends to Milli, Geo and Bot while Armstrong is good friends to Evil Man, Rock Buddy and the little girls of Umi City that now live in Rocko Base.


  • Armstrong's best medicine of all is the same medicine that is used in Nanny McPhee when the titular character rids the children of their measles, otherwise known as Measles Medicine and it is a liquid. It is renamed to Ultimate Medicine in Rocko Squad Prime and it now resembles a pill.
    • The Season 3 episode known as Anti-Abigail reveals that Armstrong can bring dead people back to life with a medicine known as the True Resuscitation Medicine. This medicine can bring all people back from the dead, except for those who have been cremated such as Sally's brother. The True Resuscitation Medicine is nearly identical to the Ultimate Medicine in appearance, the only difference being that it's a metallic golden color instead of rainbow-colored.
  • Head injuries irritate Armstrong, so whenever a little girl gets injured, he accuses them of a head injury.
  • While DoorMouse guards and/or watches almost anything, the exact opposite is the case for Armstrong, as he always lets his friends do what they want.
    • In some cases, such as in the Team Umizoomi episode Shark Car, DoorMouse is incredibly mean to Team Umizoomi because he trapped Shark Car and Team Umizoomi in the trap and refused to let them out. The unused K. Rool segment for Gina Goes Under proves that DoorMouse is incredibly mean because he makes Team Umizoomi cry incredibly loudly. Armstrong is never as mean as DoorMouse, though.
  • In Emilia's Energizes, Armstrong doesn't appear, but his actor, Travis Willingham provides the voice that is heard before Emilia is sucked under some mud.
  • Armstrong makes a surprise appearance in So, Where Did Stephany Go? while Stephany is sinking in some mud. It is revealed in this episode that Armstrong lives in the rainforest.
    • Armstrong's wife is also mentioned in this episode, but while Armstrong is an anthropomorphic crocodile, his wife is not.
  • Armstrong brought Jan Brady back to life in Kioko Needs Quiet Time, and he brought Luci back to life in Come Over, Orchid.