Full Name Gina
Also Known as Team Umizoomi (by the Rockobot King)
Memorable Quotes It's nice out here! What a beautiful day. Woah! I just slipped into this mud. It's awfully sticky.
Yeah, I got scared because I thought you said I would die.
Yes, I'm super stuck. I think it's pulling me under now.
No wonder I'm sinking. Look now, I'm up to my waist.
Series Origin Barney & Friends
Likes Sleeping
Seeing her friends happy
Dislikes Seeing her friends upset
Having insomnia
Species Human
Gender Female
First Appearance in Rocko Squad Prime Olivia's Tears
Color of Zs Black
Voice Actor Alexis Acosta


Gina is a ten-year-old girl who appeared in the Barney's Colorful World stage show tour and a recurring young girl who appears in Rocko Squad Prime. She is a good friend to the Rocko Squad.

About Gina

Physical Appearance

Just like in the first act of Barney's Colorful World, Gina wears a pink flower shirt with short sleeves, as well as a pair of blue jeans. In Gina's Muddy Adventure, she also wears a safari hat and safari vest which were all removed after Gina is sucked under some muddy quicksand.

Sleeping Problems

Gina apparently has a sleeping habit in Rocko Squad Prime. She snores whenever she sleeps, and she experienced insomnia in Not So Sleepy Gina.


  • Gina is the first Barney girl who has originated from a stage show.
    • Gina is the only one who has sank in both mud and sand.
  • The Rockobot King always refers to Gina as "Team Umizoomi" when both characters are present. They will first meet in Sad Class from Season 2, which is the first episode where Gina cries. She is upset because her best friend isn't in her class during this episode. Her best friend is Sarah, another Rocko Squad Prime character. She cries again in The Great Gina; only this time, it's because her paternal grandfather died. He dies from a ruptured appendix, based on the Harry He-Done-Y event from 1000 Ways to Die, as well as thinking that Miranda is moving far away from her.
  • Gina, Rachel and Cindy are the only Barney girls who have originated from a stage show who interact with King K. Rool. In Gina's case, she interacts with him in Amandie in the Garden.
    • Gina is the only one of these three kids who interact with all of the babysitters hired by Evil Man. She does so in Lea Clark's Season 8 sinking episode.
  • Gina is the third girl to have more than one sinking episode in one season, the first two were Natalia and Marcia Brady. She has two sinking episodes in Season 1, and at least three sinking episodes in every season after that.
    • Gina is one of the only two girls who has same problem prior to both Season 2 sinking episodes, the other girl is Marcia Brady.
  • Gina is the only major girl whose Sinkinator wasn't given to any of Rock Buddy's relatives as a gift. Instead, she got it as a gift from her mom, which was revealed in Goodnight, Gina.