Hannah Morgan

Hannah Morgan

Hannah Third Bonus Costume

Full Name Hannah Morgan
Memorable Quotes We are sleepy today... ZZZZZZ...
I dreamt my microphone didn't work!
I can't move them even a little bit?!
Series Origin Barney & Friends
Likes Sleeping
Her best friend
Her video game consoles
Dislikes Not being able to sleep
Her arch nemesis
Being stopped from singing
Species Human
Gender Female
First Appearance in Rocko Squad Prime Keeping Up With Karen
Color of Zs Orange
Voice Actor Marisa Kuers


Hannah Morgan is a major girl from the Second Generation of Barney & Friends, and a major girl from Rocko Squad Prime. She appears in every single episode.

About Hannah

Physical Appearance

Hannah has the same outfit from the Barney Home Video called Barney's Night Before Christmas in all of her episode appearances. She also has pajamas, seen when she goes to bed, taken from the same video as her usual outfit. In her first three appearances, Hannah's outfit is nearly unchanged from the aforementioned video; the only difference is that she wears braces.

Sleeping Problems

Hannah falls asleep a lot frequently in Rocko Squad Prime. Whenever Hannah sleeps, she is nearly impossible to awaken and snores at nearly the same volume as Sally's crying.


  • Hannah has the loudest snoring of all the children from Barney & Friends, dwarfing the volume of even Natalia's snoring.
  • Hannah is the only girl to simply talk to Rock Buddy while sinking and never explain any of her RockTube adventures.
  • Even though she likes to sing in Barney & Friends, Hannah never gets to sing any songs without getting interrupted in Rocko Squad Prime; she always gets cut off by one of her new friends and, as a result, she cries afterwards.
    • In the many cold opening sequences, such as the one for her Season 2 sinking episode, she still tries to sing a song with the same result as usual, but one of Hannah's many babysitters cuts her off instead. She still cries when she wakes up after the opening titles, though.