This list of implied characters is a list of characters that have not physically appeared in any form of media in time. Regardless of their lack of appearance, the implied characters have been mentioned at least once throughout Rocko Squad Prime.

Ellen's mother

Ellen's deceased yet unnamed mother. Mentioned in Sleepy Ellen when Ellen needed the Rocko Squad's help.

Stacie's parents

Stacie's deceased yet unnamed parents. Mentioned in Ellen's Bad Day when Evil Man knew that Stacie's family died.

Olivia's grandfather

Olivia's deceased grandfather. Appears in the Team Umizoomi episode called To the Library, but mentioned in Not So Sleepy Olivia after Jin Kazama wanted Olivia to take an apology note about her grandfather's death.

Veruca Salt's father

Veruca Salt's father. Mentioned in almost all of Veruca's appearances, and makes his first appearance in Follow Felicity to the Park portrayed by James Fox.

Alexandra's mother

Alexandra's unnamed mother. Mentioned in Alexandra and the Mud before Alexandra takes a nap after sinking in mud.

Robin's mother

Robin's unnamed mother. Mentioned in Robin's Spell before sleeping over for a second night.

Jenny's mother

Jenny's unnamed mother. Mentioned in Jenny's Visit before Jenny sleeps over for the last time in the third season.

Nicole's mother

Nicole's unnamed mother. Mentioned in Nicole Sinks before the friends all go to bed.

Grady Boyd

Colleen's deceased uncle. Mentioned in Playing in the Sand when he told Evil Man that his niece had insomnia.

Mrs. Walker

Jill Walker's deceased mother. Appears in the Barney & Friends episode called A Game for Everyone portrayed by Jacqueline Berner, but mentioned by Evil Man in Jolted Jaclyn after hearing about Jill's sadness.

Richard Epcar

A voice actor who is Kim's father. Mentioned in Kim Sinks before Kim goes to bed.

Jackie Gleason

The late star of The Honeymooners. Mentioned in Moving Day when Crash Gordon says one of Jackie Gleason's empty threats.


Gabi's mother. Mentioned in Gabi's Glitch when Heihachi Mishima was aware of Gabi's sadness. It is revealed in the aforementioned episode that Heihachi and Maria are friends with each other. Marie made her first appearance in Alexandra Goes to the Woods and is portrayed by Sonia Manzano.


Ruthie's deceased brother. Mentioned in Violet Vacates when Sally was talking to Ruthie on the phone, and was also mentioned in Ruthie Revived while Ruthie cries.