Full Name Jeannie
Memorable Quotes I was tired, and I needed to rest.
I can smell the coffee brewing... (YAWN) I can't wait to have... some... Zzzzz...
I'll try to think of something... I know! Maybe you can go for a jog?
You will fall asleep. Listen to me, fall asleep.
Series Origin Team Umizoomi
Likes Her best friends
Dislikes Making her friends upset (especially Josie)
Failing to hypnotize those with insomnia
Species Human
Gender Female
First Appearance in Rocko Squad Prime Ramona and the Mess
Voice Actor Ana Maelia Towry


Jeannie is a little girl who lives with the Rocko Squad. She never realizes how mean she is to her friends, especially Josie until her friends cry too much.

About Jeannie

Physical Appearance

Like in her appearance in Team Umizoomi, Jeannie wears an orange dress with yellow flower designs. Unlike her only appearance in the aforementioned show, Jeannie has school shoes instead of normal shoes.

Sleeping Problems

Jeannie apparently has a high chance of falling asleep in Rocko Squad Prime than in Team Umizoomi. The first episode Jeannie doesn't start off sleeping was in Min Gets Crashed.


  • If the viewers look closely in various episodes when Jeannie wakes up from sleeping, or in her debut episode before she goes to bed, they can see her dragon kite on the side of her room.
  • The first episode where Jeannie cries is Another New Friend. The aforementioned episode is also the first appearance of her first best friend, Chrissa Maxwell.
  • Jeannie and Abby are the only Team Umizoomi children who make their Rocko Squad Prime debuts in a sinking episode.
  • Jeannie is one of the four girls from Team Umizoomi to have two best friends instead of one, the other three are Casey, Abby, and Vanessa. Her two best friends are Chrissa Maxwell and Kristen.
  • Jeannie uses the line "I really need your help!" in Another Visitor! before Rock Buddy comes to April's bedroom before Rock Buddy notices that April didn't wake up. The line Rock Buddy uses is the same line Milli uses when Jeannie called Team Umizoomi on Bot's Belly Belly Belly Screen, but Rock Buddy says "I heard you calling me, Jeannie. What's the problem?" compared to Milli who says "Hi, Jeannie! What's the problem?"
  • Jeannie's final appearance is in the first sinking episode of Nutmeg. It is also Casey and Samantha's final appearance.