Full Name Kayla
Memorable Quotes No, there was too much noise here!
Well, I haven't seen you guys in such a long time! I missed you!
I'm just gonna hang out here. You guys go and have fun!
Series Origin Team Umizoomi
Likes Sleeping
Her best friend
Dislikes Injuries
Species Human
Gender Female
First Appearance in Rocko Squad Prime Sleepy Head Emily
Voice Actor Jordyn Morgan


Kayla is a young girl from Team Umizoomi, and a main character from Rocko Squad Prime. The reason she moved from UmiCity to Rockoland is because the water playground with the elephant sprinkler was way too hot for her to handle.

About Kayla

Physical Appearance

Kayla wears a red tank top that looks nearly identical to her bathing suit from her only appearance in Team Umizoomi, She also receives blue shorts and green shoes.

Sleeping Problems

Kayla seems to have a sleeping habit in Rocko Squad Prime. Whenever Kayla falls asleep, she snores loudly.


  • Stephanie Stops By is the first episode where Kayla cries.
  • Kayla's best friend, Stephanie is also in Rocko Squad Prime. Her debut episode is Stephanie Stops By.
  • Kayla uses the line "I really need your help!" in Twin Time before Rock Buddy comes to Jeannie's bedroom before Rock Buddy notices that Jeannie didn't wake up. The line Rock Buddy uses is the same line Milli uses when Kayla called Team Umizoomi on Bot's Belly Belly Belly Screen, but Rock Buddy says "I see you needed me, Kayla. What's the problem?" compared to Milli who says "Hi, Kayla! What's the problem?"
  • Kayla's final appearance is Min's third sinking episode. She is still heard when Krusha imitates Veruca Salt in Season 4.