Full Name Kirby
Memorable Quotes I don't have to listen to you, Larry!
Before we talk to her, I need to do something!
Like my hairdo?
Series Origin Kirby
Likes Having the hair of his friends
Dislikes King Dedede
Not having any hair
Species Puffball
Gender Male
First Appearance in Rocko Squad Prime Brooklyn's Bad News for Kioko
Voice Actor Spencer Breslin
"Everything is disappearing up there!"
— Kirby's catchphrase, first used in Michelle is Back!


Kirby is a pink puffball. He is a recurring Rocko Squad Prime character.

About Kirby

In every episode he appears in, Kirby is shown wearing the hair of one of the many little girls of Rocko Squad Prime. If he has the hair of a little girl who always wears a hat such as Gladys, he will also have her hat. Kirby can even be shown wearing the hair of various adults!


  • Kirby always pays a visit if he's behind someone's problem, but he occasionally pays a visit regardless if he's not behind someone's problem. He shares this trait with Akuma, Urien, Ryu, Heihachi Mishima, M. Bison, and Jin Kazama.
  • Spencer Breslin also voices Sally's late brother who also appears in the K. Rool segments.
  • Initially, "I can't reach the lock!" was going to be Kirby's Rocko Squad Prime catchphrase, but the developers thought this was too serious for a puffball, so they passed on the idea in favor of "Everything is disappearing up there!" Both lines are used in Sally's source movie during its atrocious sequence.