Full Name Krusha
Memorable Quotes I brought my sailboat so it could be in the race, but the wind is BLOWING MY SAILBOAT OUT OF CONTROL!!!!!
Ooh, sorry... I thought you meant you, Your Mightiness.
Uh oh oh, all right. Here goes... Isn't that right, Mr. Green Jeans? WHEN DID I EVER RAISE MY VOICE!!!!!
Series Origin Donkey Kong Country
Likes Imitating the children of Rocko Squad Prime
Dislikes King K. Rool
Species Crocodile
Gender Male
First Appearance in Rocko Squad Prime Natalia Needs Sleep
Voice Actor Mark Hamill (usual voice)
Various Child Actresses (during requested imitations)


Krusha is one of King K. Rool's henchmen, and a supporting Rocko Squad Prime character.

About Krusha

Krusha is a blue-scaled Kremling; he is among the elite of the Kremling Krew. He wears clothing with a camouflage pattern and also has silver arm bands on each forearm. In almost every episode, he imitates someone who will appear in the actual episode that will be shown. Example: he imitates Abby and Milli in Abby's Friend.


  • Krusha only appears in the cold opening sequence of nearly every episode starting with Natalia Needs Sleep and never appears in an actual episode.
  • Since his Rocko Squad Prime debut, Krusha has been shown to be able to perfectly imitate the voices of many young girls.
    • In nearly every episode, he imitates the girl who has a problem. For example, he imitates Gina in Not So Sleepy Gina.
    • In episodes featuring Crash Gordon, or at least put into one of his spells when he's absent, he imitates the girl who is put into Crash's spell. For example, he imitates Kim in Kim's Spell.
    • In naptime episodes, he imitates the girl who wants to take a big nap. For example, he imitates Megsie Green in Megsie Mumbles.
      • If multiple girls take a big nap, the little girl he imitates is always random.
    • In sinking episodes, he imitates the girl who gets stuck in quicksand during the episode, regardless of what the girl sinks into. For example, he imitates Chrissa Maxwell in Chrissa Gets Muddy.
      • If multiple girls get stuck in quicksand, the girl he imitates is always random.
  • Krusha is the first male character who cries in Rocko Squad Prime. Although, this is accomplished in his imitation of Patty. In Let Olive Sleep, Otto is shown to have cried at least once.
  • Krusha is the only character outside of Team Umizoomi to say "Team Umizoomi" in Rocko Squad Prime. Though, this is accomplished by imitating female Team Umizoomi children who needed help prior to Rocko Squad Prime or the Blue Mermaid.
  • When Krusha imitates Marina or Kiki, he doesn't imitate them as they were during childhood; rather, he imitates them as they were during adulthood. Likewise, when he imitates Sara-Bara Crewe, he imitates her when she was very young, like she was when her mom died, instead of her usual age.
    • All three of the aforementioned little girls are major Rocko Squad Prime characters.
  • The only animated characters that Krusha are capable of imitating are those who act like Milli.
    • Likewise, Krusha can't imitate little boys such as Conrad.
  • Despite making her debut in Come Over, Orchid, Luci isn't imitated by Krusha until Season 4.