Lea Clark



Full Name Lea Clark
Also Known as Cricket
Memorable Quotes I was camping with my friend, Stacy. We found some mud and sank.
Next time, you should sink with me.
I'm super deep now! This is SO amazing!
Hi Kirby... I'm super tired... today... ZZZZZZ...
Series Origin American Girl
Likes Being stuck in mud
Sinking in mud
Her best friend
Dislikes Being stuck in any quicksand other than mud
Species Human
Gender Female
First Appearance in Rocko Squad Prime Let Lea In
Voice Actor Maggie Elizabeth Jones (credited as Maggie Jones)
"This is SO amazing!"
— Lea whenever she's trapped in quicksand


Lea Clark is the 14th Girl of the Year released by American Girl. She is also a major character in Rocko Squad Prime.

About Lea

Lea once lived in St. Louis, Missouri with her mom and dad prior to its burning in her debut episode. As of the following episode, Lea lives in Rockoland, New Hampshire.

Lea loves to take photographs with her camera. Although, Lea has yet to take any photographs in Rocko Squad Prime.

Lea is 1/8th Brazilian, and is the only Rocko Squad Prime girl to have this trait so far.


  • Lea is the second major American Girl, the first being McKenna Brooks.
  • Lea is the first American Girl to have appeared in a cold opening sequence featuring her babysitter.
  • Despite not liking to sink in any quicksand other than mud, it is unknown what Lea does if that ever happens.
  • Lea, Gina and Sarah are the only little girls to interact with all eight babysiters that were hired by Evil Man and Rock Buddy.