Rocko Squad Prime Episode
Lower Linda
Rocko Squad Prime Season 2 Episode 30C
Episode Type Sinking
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Lower Linda is a sinking episode of Rocko Squad Prime and is the third half of the 30th episode of Season 2.


Josie is upset because Sonya is mad at her for not cleaning her room. The friends try to cheer her up. Linda wants to go explore outside. She finds some thick and sticky mud and sinks in it.


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Intro: Josie's Messy Room

Josie is upset due to Sonya abusing her about her messy room. Rock Buddy demands Josie to stop crying, otherwise Casey would wake up and join Josie in crying. Much to Josie's dismay, Casey wakes up and does just that. Evil Man explains that Josie is crying for a reason, then Evil Man demands Sonya to apologize, which she does.

The Gang Wakes Up

Evil Man thinks that Vanessa and Abby could both sleep, but this is false because the sisters are in the living room. Evil Man then thinks Kayla and Stacie were perfectly capable of sleeping, but the two children are also in the living room. He then thinks that Sophia and Olivia are still sleeping, but the two children were in the living room as well. Now he thinks Sally and Anna are still asleep, but those two girls are in the living room. He claims that April and Jeannie could sleep, but the result was again the same, and the latter claims that Josie's crying has the same volume as thunder. Evil Man claims it's literally louder. He then hopes Melissa and Emily slept late, complete with one of Jackie Gleason's empty threats, and Melissa and Emily wind up in the living room; the latter of which had a dream she was stuck neck-deep in quicksand.

Anna's Slumber

After Emily talks about her dream, Rock Buddy claims it is time to see what Anna and Linda were up to. Rock Buddy hears snoring and Linda tells him that Linda has woken Anna up to no avail. Rock Buddy taps Anna on the shoulder, and she finally wakes up. The two young girls and Rock Buddy go downstairs.

Linda's Walk

Evil Man once again refuses to leave. Linda then proceeds to ask Rock Buddy if he wants to go outside with her. He accepts her offer, and the two go outside. Rock Buddy reminds Linda of the previous episode in which Linda likes being stuck in thick and sticky mud. Linda soon spots a mud puddle that's thick and sticky. She steps into the mud puddle.

Linda Gets Stuck

Linda hopes that the mud puddle she stepped into is quicksand. Rock Buddy tells Linda that she would only be in quicksand if she couldn't move her feet. Linda proceeds to move her feet, but she is stuck in the mud. Rock Buddy claims that Linda got her wish, and Linda hopes that her luck lasts the entire day. Rock Buddy knows that her luck will last until she is sucked under the mud, which he thinks that Linda also wants.

Linda Sinks

Linda starts to sink into the mud. She tells Rock Buddy that she can move her arms, but not her legs. Rock Buddy wonders if she wants to be rescued, but Linda argues. Rock Buddy tells Linda that she is stuck in thick and sticky mud. Linda then agrees and her legs get sucked under the mud.

Panic Attack!

Rock Buddy guarantees Linda that she won't die, but Linda starts to panic, knowing that she will die. This infuriates Rock Buddy, and he corrects her because of this. Linda calms down, and Rock Buddy tells Linda that her new home has a chest-deep mud pit that has the same thickness and stickiness as the mud pit she is stuck in right now.


Linda sinks until her young breasts are touching the mud's surface. Rock Buddy informs Linda that Chip won't be able to sink with her. He then tells Linda that she will sink faster if she struggled. Linda proceeds to wiggle her body, but she is still up to her chest. Rock Buddy suggests making her struggling a little more severe, then Linda pushes on the mud's surface. She still doesn't sink any further, but claims she's having fun. Rock Buddy claims that the mud is immune to struggling. Linda agrees, and she sinks until her arms are on top of the mud's surface.

Linda Loses Her Arms

Rock Buddy asks Linda how she will get her arms sucked under the mud she's stuck in. Linda is currently unsure on how to get her arms sucked under. Rock Buddy proceeds to give her some time to think, then Linda starts to think about how to get her arms taken under. Rock Buddy tells Linda to let him know when she has an idea, and Linda gets an idea seconds later. She lays her arms on top of the mud she is stuck in, then she smashes her arms under it. She sinks until her breasts are under the mud after that.

Linda is Sucked Under

Rock Buddy now claims that Linda is super stuck, and she agrees. Rock Buddy offers to try to rescue her arms, but Linda refuses due to how much fun she's having. Rock Buddy claims that she won't be able to extricate herself, even if she wanted to. Linda agrees, then she sinks until only her head is above the mud. Rock Buddy then tells Linda that she is almost completely sucked under. Linda claims that she is almost completely covered by the mud. Rock Buddy asks Linda if this episode marked the first time she ever got stuck in mud, but Linda is unsure about this part, as it was way back when. Rock Buddy has Linda tell the mud to do it's job when she's ready for her submergence. Linda has no questions, then Rock Buddy tells Linda that the mud has had a large appetite, then Linda tells the mud to take her under, then she goes under. Rock Buddy goes back inside.

Abby is Asleep

Back at Rocko Base, the friends successfully cleaned Josie's bedroom, while Abby refused to help and has decided to nap. Rock Buddy thinks someone is responsible for putting Abby to sleep, then he opens the door. Linda returns, then Rock Buddy blames Olivia for putting Abby to sleep. Olivia starts to cry, then Vanessa hugs Olivia. It's too late, because Evil Man has had enough of Rock Buddy and Olivia's behavior. He sets an alarm off, then Abby wakes up.

Naptime for Linda

Evil Man asks Linda how her walk was, and she tells Evil Man what she did. Rock Buddy claims that she was in quicksand mud and she refused to escape. Linda claims she was having fun, then Rock Buddy tells Linda that her voice and physical condition are both worn out. Linda sits down, decides to rest, and falls asleep, snoring. Evil Man decides to talk to Sonya. He tells her that he got a call from Rebecca Gallo who has insomnia. Sophia claims she doesn't know why Rebecca has insomnia, then Rock Buddy refreshes her memory, saying that she's scared of her first ever airplane ride.


Evil Man wakes Linda from her nap, then she reminds her of her final sleepover night. Olivia claims that she's the one who set up a sleeping bag for Linda. Evil Man escorts Linda to Olivia's room, then he tells her that Olivia is on her way. Olivia enters her room, then Linda gets into her sleeping bag and Olivia climbs into her bed. Evil Man then pulls the blanket over Olivia and tells her that she is mega tired. Olivia agrees, then she goes to sleep and emits Zs, snoring. Evil Man proceeds to cover Linda with the blanket part of her sleeping bag, then he tells her that Olivia is super mega tired due to her loud snoring and Zs. This makes Linda so tired, she yawns and joins Olivia in sleeping, snoring, and emitting Zs. Evil Man turns Olivia's bedroom light off and waves goodbye.


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  • This is the first episode where Linda sinks.
  • While Linda is sinking, it is revealed that her new home, which was previously mentioned in Linda's Sad Arrival has a mud pit that is thick and sticky.