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Marcia Brady

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Full Name Marcia Brady
Memorable Quotes I will try my best. Oh great. I guess I didn't try hard enough. My feet are stuck!
No, my body is REALLY stuck.
I figured that out. It's pulling me to my waist now. It's covering me like a blanket.
Series Origin The Brady Bunch
Likes Quicksand
Her best friend
Her sister
Dislikes Not being able to sleep late
Seeing her sister upset
Species Human
Gender Female
First Appearance in Rocko Squad Prime Sleepy Marcia
Color of Zs Pink
Voice Actor Millie Innes
"Why did Peter get new shoes? I wanted new shoes..."
— Marcia dreaming in Peyton Parts Ways


Marcia Brady is the eldest daughter of the Brady Bunch, and a recurring Rocko Squad Prime character. Despite being all grown up in her source franchise, she is reverted to her younger self in Rocko Squad Prime in order to match her style from the first season of the original Brady Bunch television show.

About Marcia

Physical Appearance

Season 1-3

Marcia always wears her outfit from the Brady Bunch episode called Eenie, Meenie, Mommy, Daddy in Rocko Squad Prime, which is comprised of an pink shirt and blue sweatpants. She sometimes wears a green or purple skirt in place of her blue sweatpants. In Fun Safari, she also wears a safari hat, a safari shirt, and safari pants, all of which are removed when she is sucked under some muddy quicksand.

Season 4

Marcia now wears braces, just like the Brady Bunch episode called Brace Yourself. Apart from the addition of her braces, her shirt has been recolored red. Her sweatpants remain blue, and she wears a green or purple skirt in some episodes such as the debut episode of Sara-Bara Crewe.

Season 5 onward

Marcia's braces from Season 4 remain intact, but her shirt has been recolored from red to green.

Sleeping Problems

Marcia seems to have a severe sleeping habit in Rocko Squad Prime. She snores whenever she sleeps, and this upsets Josie. In her debut episode, Josie is upset when Marcia is asleep because she was supposed to be visiting her friends rather than sleeping.


  • Jan Brady is mentioned in Marcia's Mystery, the very first appearance of the Rocko Squad's nemesis.
    • Jan along with Cindie are also mentioned numerous times in the show, but Jan dies in Meet Marcia, Again from Season 2 due to being hit by a truck, and Cindie dies in Meet Ms. O from Season 3 from bacterial pneumonia. Both of these deaths are based on the deaths from Season 3 of the now-canceled 1000 Ways to Die, and the events that feature the deaths of Jan and Cindie's deaths are Road Killed and Gone Fission, respectively. Although, Kioko Needs Quiet Time reveals that Jan has survived being hit by a truck, which is confirmed by her snoring at the end of the episode, and Armstrong revealed to have brought Cindie back from the dead.
      • Marcia alerts the friends about Jan's death, but Meteorite alerts the friends about Cindie's death.
  • Marcia likes being stuck in quicksand so much, that she has a quicksand box at home as mentioned in Return of Sleepy Marcia. As of Marcia Matters, this sandbox is now in Rocko Base's backyard.
    • The former episode is also the first episode where Emily cries.
  • Marcia and Gina are the only characters whose problem in the episode preceding their second sinking episode in Season 2 is the same as their first problem in the same season. Coincidentally, they both get promoted to major in the episodes preceding their second sinking episodes in the same season.
  • In Marcia and the Sadness, Marcia cries for the first time. The reason she's upset is because she is going to a new school and she's scared. Although, the first time Marcia cried overall was Vote for Brady.
  • Marcia is the only girl who Rock Buddy takes on a safari.
  • Marcia, Ashly Pibbin and Tina are the only three little girls in Rocko Squad Prime who have another little girl in their family who died prior to the start of Rocko Squad Prime.
    • Marcia is the only one whose young female relatives didn't die in their debut season.
    • She is also the only one whose young female relative relatives die while they are both recurring and major.
    • Marcia and Tina are the only ones to have their little girl relatives revived as the show progressed.
  • Marcia is the second girl to have more than one sinking episode in one season, the first was Natalia.
  • Marcia is the first recurring girl to be promoted to a major girl.
  • Marcia will meet with Stone Buddy for the first time in Presenting Peyton.
  • Marcia is the second major girl to get braces, the first being Kioko. She is also the only one who gets an outift change after getting braces. Though she dreamed of having braces in It's Not Bedtime, Brooklyn? and Wake Up, Wednesday!, the first episode where Marcia is actually seen wearing braces is Not So Sleepy Sadee; but this time, she likes her braces.
    • Marcia tearfully frets "I'm ugly, ugly, UGLY!" over her braces in her source television show. She also says this line when K. Rool attempts to fall asleep in Alice and a Bog.
  • Marcia isn't Millie Innes's only Rocko Squad Prime role. The Season 2 episode, Danette Dives In introduces Danette to the show.
  • Marcia is the first little girl who cries in the cold opening sequences featuring King K. Rool. This happens in Alice and a Bog where she cries to ensure that K. Rool doesn't fall asleep, and in Ready, Set, Robin where she cries when she goes to her empty bed after King K. Rool yells the secret password to open his vault. She is to be followed by Kai-Lan in Taylor's Trip, and Emmy in White Queen's first sinking episode.
    • Marcia and Emmy are the only major little girls who cry in the cold opening sequences featuring King K. Rool.
  • Almost every episode has Marcia mentioning one of her relatives, most notably Peter, Bobby and Greg; though, the latter dies in Beyond Brooklyn from internal bleeding, only to have been revived in And There Was Annie.
    • Marcia and Meteorite inform the friends about the deaths of Jan and Cindie, respectively but General Armstrong informs the friends about Greg's death.