McKenna Brooks
McKenna Brooks
Full Name McKenna Brooks
Memorable Quotes Well, it seems that more of my body has sunk now, so I'm pretty stuck.
Cool, huh? Look at me now, the moat around me made me sink deeper.
Well, this is kind of making me tired, but it's not enough.
Oh, I don't want to die!! HELP!!!!!
Well, I can dig a hole if you want. Now I have a moat around me.
Series Origin American Girl
Likes Sinking in quicksand
Dislikes Having insomnia
Species Human
Gender Female
First Appearance in Rocko Squad Prime McKenna's Problem
Voice Actor Jade Pettyjohn


McKenna Brooks is the 2012 Girl of the Year from the American Girl franchise, and a recurring Rocko Squad Prime character.

About McKenna

Physical Appearance

McKenna's outfit is nearly unchanged from the time when she had a broken ankle, in which she wears a chartreuse t-shirt, a purple jacket, and blue short shorts. Though, she is barefoot in the series.

Sleeping Problems

McKenna likes to sleep, but she has had experienced insomnia in her debut episode which has been caused by no sleeping for a week. In Kathy is Awake, she lost the title of not having any sleep the longest to Kathy.


  • McKenna is the first American Girl character to have had a problem in Rocko Squad Prime.
  • McKenna is the only American Girl to have sank in both sand and mud. The first episode where she sinks in sand is Sandy McKenna, and the first episode where she sinks in mud is Mild McKenna.
    • She is the first character to have panicked severely in a sinking episode.
  • McKenna Brooks is the first major American Girl.
    • Although this is true, McKenna is the only American Girl to be absent from the K. Rool segments, despite sleeping with various little girls at the end of several naptime episodes.