Full Name Meteorite of the Team Umizoomi Buddy
Also Known as Rocko Squad Principal
Memorable Quotes You said it, Sonya!
Yeah, he's not mad about anything.
See what I mean? I recommend you cover your ears. You may just end up snoring too.
Series Origin Original
Likes His grandson
Jin Kazama
His best friend
Dislikes When someone other than Meteorite says "you said it"
Species African Sulcata tortoise (Season 1-2)
Galapagos tortoise (Season 3 onward)
Gender Male
First Appearance in Rocko Squad Prime Sleepy Casey
Voice Actor Michael Sorich (Season 1-3)
Dan Castellaneta (Season 4 onward)


Meteorite of the Team Umizoomi Buddy is a character made exclusively for Rocko Squad Prime. He is Rock Buddy's maternal grandfather, and is the principal of the Rocko Squad. As of Season 3, he is also a doctor.

About Meteorite


Meteorite is a tortoise. In the first season, he looks like an African Sulcata tortoise. This would be Meteorite's species until the end of the second season. In every episode appearance of Meteorite from the third season onward, Meteorite takes on a Galapagos tortoise design.

Meteorite's Family


  • Meteorite is an immortal tortoise, just like Shin Kamiya was an immortal man in the pilot episode of Rocko Squad Prime. Though Shin died after getting the immortality due to being killed by the jumping backbreaker of Heihachi Mishima, Meteorite died after walking down a street before being killed by a car running over him (in a deleted scene from Casey's Shell). Shin's source of immortality was the M-Cell, but the M-Shell is Meteorite's source of immortality.
  • Michael Sorich, who currently plays the English voice of Gen from Street Fighter, is Meteorite's English voice actor. Unlike Gen, Meteorite sounds more elderly.
    • In Season 4, Meteorite is instead voiced by Dan Castellaneta, and has the same exact voice as Grampa Simpson from The Simpsons.
  • Meteorite is the one of the few members of the Rocko Squad to have appeared in the opening sequence.
  • It is revealed in Extra Help that Meteorite has known Melissa ever since he was a baby tortoise, which is called a hatchling.
  • In Sad Natalia, Meteorite asks Olivia the same question Milli asked her about confirming the name of her favorite bedtime book, but Meteorite says "I can get the tortoise-tracking device for you, what's the name of the device?" while Milli says "We can get the book for you, what's the name of the book?" It is revealed that Goodnight, Polka Dot Pirate is Meteorite's tortoise-tracking device.
    • Olivia's answer to the Meteorite's question is the same as her answer to Milli's question, but she tells him that she doesn't need a tracking device; whereas for Milli, she asks her to find that book before bedtime.
    • This is also the first episode where Meteorite and Natalia appear together.
  • In the beginning of Meet Ms. O, Meteorite informs everyone about the death of Cindy Brady; this happens after McKenna Brooks gets her Sinkinator in the mail.
    • This is the first episode where a recurring little girl is sick and General Armstrong makes no appearance whatsoever.
  • As of It's Likely Lily, Meteorite's shell is now as soft as a pillow. Jenny is the first little girl to use his shell as a pillow while sleeping.