Min (Min and the Mud)


Full Name Min
Memorable Quotes I think it's too late. I seem to be stuck.
I don't know. I feel like it's pulling me down.
I need to try to get out. Oh no. That's not what I tried to do.
Actually, I DID have fun! It seems like I'm going under now...
Series Origin Barney & Friends
Likes Sleeping
Dislikes Having insomnia
Species Human
Gender Female
First Appearance in Rocko Squad Prime Not So Sleepy Min
Voice Actor Pia Hamilton


Min is a major character from Barney & Friends and a recurring Rocko Squad Prime character.

About Min

Physical Appearance

Season 1-5

Min always has her outfit from the Barney Home Video called Barney's Talent Show.

Season 6 onward

Min no longer has her outfit from the Barney Home Video called Barney's Talent Show. She now has her outfit from Are We There Yet? from Barney & Friends Season 3.

Sleeping Problems

Min likes to sleep, but in her debut episode, she experiences insomnia.


  • Min's Mishap from the second season is the first time Min cries. The reason she is upset in this episode is a reference to Barney's first national stage show tour, which is also his third overall stage show in which BJ's eighth birthday is coming and Min doesn't know what to do for him.
  • Min loves to take naps in Rocko Squad Prime, but in a 1992 Barney & Friends episode, she doesn't like to take naps one bit (she always says "NAPS?!?! YUCK!!!!!" whenever someone talks about sleeping in that episode).
  • In Tina's Turn, Min makes a cameo appearance on the episode's title card. Shawn and, even though he's deceased at the time, Michael also make cameo appearances on this episode's title card.
    • Tina and Min will appear together for the first time in Rocko Squad Prime during Season 3.
  • Min is the first girl to explode her crying in a sinking episode; this is due to Michella and Steph having referenced a Barney Home Video where Min took the role as a robot when Rock Buddy reminded the Tanners that Min would cry should she have been mentioned. The robot that Min took the role as can also be seen in Lost and Found as a statue if one looks right next to Min's bed while she is sleeping.
    • In the unused script, Kathy was intended to replace Min, and the Barney show was supposed to be a 1992 Barney & Friends episode; but Kathy's grandmother didn't appeared in said show.