Natalia CG Art
Full Name Natalia
Memorable Quotes What are you talking about?! I AM fine! Ummm, I'll take that back, I think I'm stuck.
I'm very stuck. I already can't move my legs at all.
I'm gonna die?!?!?! Pull me out! PLEASE!!!
Well, Veronica must be very smart. You know what they say: Great minds think alike. I think I'm being pulled in deeper.
Series Origin Barney & Friends
Likes Sinking in sand
Sandboxes (even when Evil Man protests)
Dislikes Listening to Evil Man when he protests
Species Human
Gender Female
First Appearance in Rocko Squad Prime Sleepy Natalia
Voice Actor Montse Hernandex


Natalia is a little girl from the Barney & Friends television show. She had only one televised appearance in said show, but she had many televised appearances in Rocko Squad Prime.

About Natalia

Physical Appearance

Natalia has her outfit from the Barney Home Video called Let's Play Outside in every episode, but she wears a bathing suit in Natalia Finds Trouble.

Sleeping Problems

Natalia has had some sleeping problems throughout Rocko Squad Prime. She snores whenever she sleeps.


  • Natalia was initially going to appear in the first two episodes, but was soon replaced with Meteorite. It wasn't until Sleepy Natalia in which Natalia actually appeared.
  • Natalia will cry for the first time during Rocko Squad Prime in Sad Natalia from Season 2.
    • She is the third recurring character to have cried at least once, the first two were Saige Copeland and Megan Miyahara.
    • She is the first character from Barney & Friends to have cried at least once.
      • Despite being the first Barney character to have cried in Rocko Squad Prime, Natalia is not the first Barney character to have cried ever; that goes to Baby Bop.
  • Natalia is the first girl to have more than one sinking episodes in one season.
  • Despite becoming major near the end of Season 2, Natalia doesn't interact with King K. Rool until Season 3. The first time she interacts with him is in Olympia Overboard.
    • While the basis of this K. Rool segment combines clips from the Donkey Kong Country episode known as The Big Chill Out and the Barney & Friends featurette known as Let's Make Animal Puppets!, every shot of fellow major girl Emma is replaced with a shot of either King K. Rool, Klump, or Krusha.
      • Likewise, whenever Joshua, Barney, or Natalia talks while Emma is in the shot, the former Kremling takes Emma's spot.