Rocko Squad Prime Episode
Natalia Finds Trouble
Rocko Squad Prime Season 1 Episode 11C
Episode Type Sinking
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Natalia Finds Trouble is a sinking episode of Rocko Squad Prime and is the third episode of the second season.


Josie is very sad. The friends come over to cheer her up. Natalia wants to explore the outside. She finds the sandbox and wants to build a castle. She sinks.


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Intro: An Injured Toe

Josie closed the door on her toe and it hurts really bad. Rock Buddy furiously tells Josie that she'll wake Sonya if she won't stop crying, but it's too late. Sonya already woke up, and she claims that Josie woke everyone up. Rock Buddy informs Sonya that her crying is due to "a foot injury". Luckily, Sally arrives and gives Josie a bandage.

The Gang Wakes Up

Evil Man thinks that Sonya couldn't sleep but Casey could, but this is false because Casey is in the living room. Evil Man then thinks Olivia is still sleeping, but she is also in the living room. Rock Buddy thinks that Sophia is still sleeping, but Sophia was in the living room as well. He then thinks Ellen, Natalia, and Emily are still asleep, but all of them are in the living room; the latter of which had a dream she found a lot of treasure.

Natalia's Plan

After Emily talks about her dream, Evil Man says that the treasure had a lot of sparkling. Rock Buddy thought it made her sleepy, but not this time. Natalia tells everyone about a sandbox she's been dying to look at. Evil Man protests the sandbox, but he fails to stop Natalia from looking at it. Evil Man then orders Rock Buddy to make Natalia stay out of the sandbox.

Into the Sandbox

Rock Buddy informs Natalia that Evil Man meant it when he told Natalia to stay out of the sandbox. Natalia ignores Rock Buddy and decides to build a sandcastle. She walks into the sandbox.

Sinking into the Sandbox

Natalia tells Rock Buddy that she's fine, but Rock Buddy doesn't believe her. Natalia argues but then realizes she is stuck. Rock Buddy tells Natalia that he was right before everything below Natalia's knees are sucked into the sandbox. Rock Buddy tells Natalia that she had to get out, but her legs get sucked under the sandbox. Rock Buddy guarantees Natalia that she won't die.

Phone Call

Natalia sinks further into the sandbox until her breasts are touching the surface. Rock Buddy suggests calling Evil Man. After answering the phone call, Evil Man asks Natalia if she heard him the first time when he told her to stay out of the sandbox. Natalia replies, "I couldn't help it. Don't be mad." But Evil Man is very angry with her because she ignored him. Natalia decides to hang up because she was sinking deeper and had to stick her arms in soon. She tosses Rock Buddy's cellphone back to him before sinking further into the sand.

Natalia's Sandy Finish

After throwing the phone back to Rock Buddy, Natalia sticks her arms into the sandbox and sinks deeper until her breasts are under the sandbox. Rock Buddy now claims that Natalia is in quicksand, and she agrees. Rock Buddy asks her if the sandbox feels like a blanket. She does feel that way, but Rock Buddy figures that she is unable to sleep in it due to Natalia unable to get her arms out of the sand. Natalia tries to move her arms, then she sinks until only her head is above the sand, then Rock Buddy asks Natalia how stuck she is. Natalia says she is so stuck that she thinks that the sandbox is taking her under, then she goes under. Rock Buddy goes back inside.

Sleeping Olivia

Back at Rocko Base, Ellen is happy that Rock Buddy returned. Rock Buddy opens the door, then Natalia returns. Natalia is curious to why Olivia fell asleep, then Rock Buddy says Olivia didn't keep her eyes open when he thought she should have done so. Sally tells Rock Buddy that she tried so hard but failed. Evil Man claims that she is snoring very loudly and Olivia's snoring puts Casey to sleep. Evil Man claims that Casey fell asleep as well, then Natalia ends up snoring too. This infuriates Evil Man who sets an alarm off, waking all the girls in the process. Natalia thinks snoring is contagious. Evil Man had news for Sonya, who he thinks was invisible, but he's wrong. He tells her that he got a call from Hannah Morgan but confused her with Marcia Brady. Natalia's eye tears due to Natalia yawning, then Evil Man suggests going to sleep. Natalia falls asleep. Josie wonders what Evil Man needs but he can't tell anyone because he thinks Natalia is still awake. Though, Natalia snores loudly. Sonya covers Olivia with a blanket, thus making her sleepy. Casey then covers Sophia with a blanket, then as Josie, Sally, Casey, Sophia, Olivia, Sonya, Emily, and Ellen join Natalia in sleeping, Evil Man says goodbye.


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  • This is the second episode where Natalia sinks, the first was Natalia's Adventures.
    • This is the only episode where Natalia sinks in sand.
    • This is the last episode where Natalia doesn't misunderstand Rock Buddy when he says she won't die from sinking.