Olive (Pajamas)

Full Name Agent Olive
Also Known as Odd Squad Agent
Memorable Quotes Thanks! Thanks so much! You're making my day!
You are right... I'm still a bit sleepy... (YAWN)
If you let me FINISH...
Series Origin Odd Squad
Likes Her old partner
Her best friend
Being stuck in quicksand
Dislikes Seeing her best friend upset
Music by Soundcheck
Species Human
Gender Female
First Appearance in Rocko Squad Prime Olive is Upset
Color of Zs Pink
Voice Actor Dalila Bela
"I KNOW!!!! That we haven't got a case yet today... don't!"
— Olive in the K. Rool segment of Thalia Tumbled.


Agent Olive is an agent at Odd Squad. She is a formerly recurring little girl in Rocko Squad Prime who debuted in the show's second season.

About Olive

Olive is an agent who has worked at Odd Squad for many years, the opposite of her partner Otto. She is a veteran agent and a serious worker that always focuses on the task at hand (unless the subject turns to her favorite sports team, the Bears). Sometimes, she is noted to be too serious and in need of lightening up a little. Her old partner was Agent Otto (who appears in some K. Rool segments and well as the actual show). Her agent number is 63, and she dislikes the band Soundcheck (which now makes her cry).


  • Olive never slept in her source television show, but she frequently sleeps in Rocko Squad Prime. Otto sometimes sleeps too. Unlike Otto, however, Olive always snores while sleeping.
    • Of all the Odd Squad agents in Rocko Squad Prime, Olive has the loudest snoring.
  • Olive is the only Odd Squad agent whose Day 1 plans after she joins the major cast of characters isn't getting stuck; rather, her Day 1 plans is sleeping.
  • Out of all the Odd Squad agents, Olive has appeared in the most K. Rool segments of Rocko Squad Prime, at twelve.
  • Olive's outfit when she became a Ms. O at another Odd Squad in her source television show is actually her pajamas in Rocko Squad Prime.
    • This makes Olive the only Odd Squad agent to wear her pajamas when she goes to bed in Rocko Squad Prime instead of the usual Odd Squad suit, although she doesn't wear them until Season 5.