Olivia (Not So Sleepy Olivia-ongoing)

Olivia (Too Little Sleep-Double Duo Sink)

Full Name Olivia
Also Known as Inspector Olivia (sometimes)
Memorable Quotes If you call Josie names, she's gonna get upset. Maybe you should be nice to her!
That was weird, all of a sudden I got really sleepy...
Yeah, I was pretty close to closing my eyes too.
Isn't Gina supposed to be here soon?! I'm worried!
Series Origin Team Umizoomi
Likes Sleeping
Evil Man
Her best friends
Jin Kazama
Dislikes Crash Gordon (he killed her grandfather)
Josie's crying
Species Human
Gender Female
First Appearance in Rocko Squad Prime Not So Sleepy Olivia
Voice Actor Lindsay Felty


Olivia is a young girl from Team Umizoomi. She is a good friend to the Rocko Squad.

About Olivia

Physical Appearance

Olivia has two different outfits. Normally, Olivia wears her black and white striped shirt which has a collar, and she also gets a pink hair band. Because her lower body wasn't visible at the time, she also receives black sweatpants and purple sneakers. At the end of each episode should Olivia be the one who sets up a sleeping bag for a little girl, she instead has her pajamas when she had to go to bed as soon as the sun passed over the horizon.

Sleeping Problems

Like in To the Library, Olivia sleeps a lot in Rocko Squad Prime. Unlike the aforementioned episode:

  • Olivia snores whenever she sleeps.
  • She falls asleep more frequently.
  • She has to go to bed at nine o'clock at night.
  • She no longer needs her favorite bedtime book, Goodnight, Polka Dot Pirate before going to sleep.


  • Olivia's Tears is the first episode where Olivia cries. She cries for a second time in Sleepy Head Emily.
  • Olivia is the only girl from Team Umizoomi who has slept prior to Rocko Squad Prime.
  • Olivia's final appearance is in Min's second sinking episode. It is also Kayla and Sophia's final appearance.