This article is about the Odd Squad agent who is paired with Otis. For Ms. O's assistant, see here.
Full Name Olympia
Memorable Quotes I want to solve it SO BAD! But I can't because or Otis will be RIGHT ABOUT ME...
You better give it to them!!! (yawn) And... hurry... ZZZZZ...
Series Origin Odd Squad
Likes Her old partner
Getting stuck in quicksand
Dislikes Seeing her friends upset
Getting a paper cut
Species Human
Gender Female
First Appearance in Rocko Squad Prime Open Up, Olympia
Voice Actor Anna Cathcart
"Way to go! Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da..."
— Olympia in a K. Rool segment, before infuriating her babysitter


Olympia is a major Odd Squad agent found in Rocko Squad Prime.

About Olympia

Olympia is an 11-year-old recent grad from Odd Squad Academy. Smart, perky, and easily excitable, but never annoying, Olympia is a fangirl who is passionate about Odd Squad and loves to come to work each day. Open and friendly, Olympia will tell you her life story as soon as you meet her, whether you want to hear it or not. Olympia is a die-hard optimist and believes in everyone and everything. She loves Odd Squad history and is a huge fan of Olive and Otto.

Sleeping Problems

One thing Olympia likes to do is sleep. Otis, on the other hand, is never seen sleeping onscreen. Like the rest of the female Odd Squad agents in the show, Olympia snores whenever she sleeps.



  • Olympia is the only Odd Squad agent to have a line in every single episode of Rocko Squad Prime since her debut.
  • Olympia is the fourth Odd Squad agent to have appeared in the cold opening sequences featuring her babysitter.
    • Olympia appears in exactly nine of these segments. Those episodes are:
      1. Kiki's first sinking episode (Thalia)
      2. Liberty's first sinking episode
      3. Margeaux's first sinking episode (Tina and Luci)
      4. Carole Hanson's first sinking episode (Laura)
      5. Lea Clark's second sinking episode (Kathy)
      6. Sofia's first sinking episode (Sandy)
      7. Emmy's first sinking episode (Stephanie)
      8. McKenna Brooks's third sinking episode (Kiki and Marina)
      9. Hannah Morgan's sixth sinking episode (Vada, Hannah and Shulk)
    • Otis only appears in the first two episodes shown above; in the first and third episodes he's absent for unknown reasons, but in every other episode shown above, Otis is absent due to his death in Karen Sympathy's debut episode due to cancer according to Urien. Names shown in parentheses indicate Olympia's friends who are mainly in the K. Rool segments.
      • Despite Otis's upcoming death, he still appears in the actual show, albeit as an angel. He shares this trait with Conrad.
  • Olympia has the second-loudest snoring of all the Odd Squad agents in Rocko Squad Prime, behind Olive.
  • Olympia is the only Odd Squad agent to have multiple imitations done by Krusha.
  • Olympia is the host of Get Ready for the Next Battle, which is just like OddTube but with major changes, such as the Robotic Operating Buddy filling in for Oona when Olympia goes through her question cards.
    • Oona still goes through the question cards in Kristi Cavanaugh's first sinking episode, but she is instead asking the questions to King K. Rool who gives answers that make no sense.
  • Olympia is the only girl whose interview has production music taken from the actual show and its K. Rool segments combined.
  • Olympia is the first girl to own a retro video game console, namely the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.
  • Olympia, Olo and Oona's video game consoles are the only ones to be featured in Get Ready for the Next Battle, appearing in How Odd is Odd Squad, Meet Agent Olo and Oona Fills In, respectively.
    • Olympia and Olo's video game consoles are the only ones to keep their voices from the actual show in Get Ready for the Next Battle; Oona's video game console is voiced by Caroll Spinney in Oona Fills In and Keith Silverstein in the actual show.

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