Rock Buddy
Rock Buddy
Full Name Rock of the Team Umizoomi Buddy
Also Known as Rocko Squad CEO
Team Umizoomi (as of Abby's Friend)
Memorable Quotes No, no, no, NO! I never said THAT! You are NOT GONNA DIE!!!
I'll get something, but I think you are in quicksand, and by the time I get back, you'll probably be up to your neck...
We must cheer you up, STAT!
Don't touch that button, that's the... Sinky button.
Series Origin Original
Likes His best friends
His sidekick
His grandfather
The entire Rocko Squad
When his friends get along
Dislikes The sound of crying (especially Casey's crying)
Explosive crying
Seeing his friends upset
Hearing that he died
Species Rock
Gender Male
First Appearance in Rocko Squad Prime Sleepy Casey
Voice Actor Michael McConnohie


Rock Buddy is an original character made exclusively for Rocko Squad Prime. Like his friends, Evil Man, and Sally, Rock Buddy appeared in every episode of the series.

About Rock Buddy


Rock Buddy is a rock with legs and eyes. He doesn't have a mouth, but he does speak by having his body glow in sync with his words.

Field Trips

Every third episode of Rocko Squad Prime, starting with Casey's Shell, Rock Buddy would take one of the girls on a field trip. The girl would always get stuck in quicksand.


Rock Buddy is a counterpart to Bot in Team Umizoomi.

  • Both are different species from her/his best friend and her/his sidekick(s). Geo and Milli are humans are while Bot is a robot, while in Rocko Squad Prime Evil Man is a cannon, but Rock Buddy is a rock.

Rock Buddy's Family



The photograph Rock Buddy has taken during Tora Brown's first sinking episode.

  • Rock Buddy's voice actor, Michael McConnohie is also known for voicing several video game characters, such as Astaroth and Seth from Soulcalibur and Street Fighter, respectively.
  • His older brother, Stone Buddy is also a member of the Rocko Squad, but Stone Buddy is a minor character. His nephew, Pebble Buddy is also featured in the show. His father, Chris Buddy makes an appearance in the show as well, along with his paternal grandfather, Meteor.
  • As of Abby's Friend, it is revealed that Rock Buddy's nickname is named after a heroic team from a Nick Jr. television show; in this case, Team Umizoomi. As of Veronica Arrives, his older brother is also nicknamed Team Umizoomi.
  • In Cher Cheers Up, it is revealed that Samantha is one of Rock Buddy's old friends, and Samantha debuts in Meganly Marches In.
  • It is revealed that Rock Buddy has taken a photograph of three Nanny McPhee children stuck in some sand, as seen in the picture to the right. The photograph is first seen in Turn Around, Tora.
    • This is the only episode where we see Lillian Brown prior to her debut episode later in the season.
  • In Season 4, Rock Buddy's cousin, Beetlejuice Buddy becomes a part of the Buddy family. Whenever Rock Buddy or another character says "Beetlejuice" three times, his cousin appears. However, there are a few differences, including:
    • The human Beetlejuice rises from a portal to the Netherworld, while the rock Beetlejuice drops down from above.
    • The human Beetlejuice would say "It's showtime." whenever someone says his name three times. The rock Beetlejuice says "Alright, showtime." whenever someone says his name three times.
    • The human Beetlejuice is a villain. The rock Beetlejuice is a hero.
    • The human Beetlejuice is portrayed by Michael Keaton. The rock Beetlejuice is voiced by Stephen Ouimette.
  • In Depressed Dr. O, Rock Buddy acts like Dr. O when he says that the friends have to cheer her up, saying "stat" instead of "pronto".
  • It is revealed in Dorothy and the Rain that Rock Buddy can't tell the difference between the Wicked Witch of the East and the Wicked Witch of the West. Despite this, both witches are deceased, having died from being crushed by double-wide trailer and melting, respectively.
  • Even though Rock Buddy dislikes pets, nearly every little girl has a habit of mentioning pets in the show. This always causes Rock Buddy to get really mad at whoever mentioned said pets, and he even hits the girls when pets are mentioned enough times.