Sally Walden



Full Name Sarah Walden
Memorable Quotes See you in the morning... (YAWN) Good... night... ZZZZZ...
REALLY CEMENT?!?! I'll have to give THAT a try!
Yes, you are true, but I'm still stuck.
You are making me cry!
Series Origin Dr. Seuss
Likes Meteorite
Being stuck in quicksand
Her best friends
Dislikes Crash Gordon
Species Human
Gender Female
First Appearance in Rocko Squad Prime Sleepy Casey
Color of Zs Purple
Voice Actor Dakota Fanning
"What's with all these birds? I don't want them to fly into me..."
— Sally dreaming in Sally is Sleeping Again


Sarah "Sally" Walden is a character in The Cat in the Hat. She's shown with her now dead brother, Conrad, and she's the daughter of the unseen Joan Walden. She is also a major girl found in Rocko Squad Prime who is introduced in Season 1.

About Sally

Sally's a well-behaved eight-year-old girl, although she doesn't have the right to boss people about. Ironically, Rock Buddy does this to Vanessa in Sally Sleeps.


  • Sally is the only girl to have appeared in every single episode of Rocko Squad Prime.
    • She is also the only girl to have two interviews that are played at the end of the show, the first has her talking about herself, and the second has her telling the story of her source movie, complete with clips based on nearly everything she mentioned.
  • Sally has the slowest sinking speed out of all the little girls in Rocko Squad Prime; in fact, she sinks slower than even Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. She loses her title of having the slowest sinking speed to Nutmeg as of Nutmeg is Nervous, but manages to get this title back in her second best friend's debut episode.
  • Sally has the most best friends of any major girl in the show, at three. Her three best friends are Emilia, Donna and Keesha. All three girls are major, but only the first one has a problem prior to her promotion to major, and the second one is the only one to start the show sleeping prior to her promotion to major.
  • Despite having said "Help!" in the 2003 Cat in the Hat film in which she originates from, the tone of voice Sally uses when she says this word in Rocko Squad Prime sounds nothing like it did in the aforementioned film; she now uses an angry tone of voice instead of a scared tone of voice. She said this word in an angry tone of voice for the first time in Go Sink, Sally. Though, while she is crying, she instead says this word in a sad tone of voice.
    • However, if Sally ever says "Conrad, help!" in Rocko Squad Prime, the line will be recycled from the aforementioned film. With the exception of Dr. O Dives In, this is extremely unlikely due to Conrad's death prior to the start of Rocko Squad Prime.
  • In Super Sad Sally, it has been revealed that Conrad died from being killed by the Rocko Squad's nemesis. However, Sinky Sally reveals that the true cause of Conrad's death is that he was exploded in a mine, based on the Mine Over Splatter event from the now-canceled 1000 Ways to Die. It is revealed that the nemesis of the Rocko Squad used these mines to kill Conrad in the post-credits sequence for Becca Binges. Despite this, Conrad talks to King K. Rool on the phone in Excited Eloise.
    • Conrad was inititally going to remain alive after Becca Binges, but the developers decided against this due to Sally's near-death experience in her source film. This was explained by Meteorite in the episode following this one.
    • Despite his death, Conrad appears during the K. Rool segment of Now, Nichole! and Keesha's first sinking episode, albeit as a spirit. Surprisingly enough, Conrad's spirit looks just like Conrad did before his death.
  • Despite having been animated with CGI in the video game based on the film where Sally originates from, Sally's Rocko Squad Prime model now severely resembles her live-action form due to Rocko Squad Prime being a semi-animated television show.
  • Sally's favorite lullaby is Brahms' Lullaby. The first time Sally plays her favorite lullaby on the radio is Enlightening Eileen.
  • Music from the movie Sally originated from appears in Rocko Squad Prime whenever Polly Dodger and Klump get into an argument.
  • The scene with Sally's near-death experience was referenced by Rock Buddy when he gives Sally a sadness scenario while trying to cheer Steph Tanner up. This sadness scenario was also given to her while trying to cheer Shari up.
  • Sally's near-death experience in the film she originated from is the cause of Crash Gordon's death in Rocko Squad Prime. Like all other deaths in the show, this death is off-screen.
  • Sally mentioned that, in Steffenie Stays Over, she would get braces one day. Her wish comes true in Turn it Over, Tosha.
    • This makes Sally the third major girl to have braces, the first two being Kioko and Marcia Brady. She is to be followed by Steffenie.
  • There are a number of episodes where Sally has a dream based on a scene from the movie she originated from.
    1. Peyton Parts Ways is the first episode where this happens. She dreams Conrad is sent to military school in this episode.
      • This is Sally's most common nightmare.
    2. Drowsy Donna is the second episode where this happens. She dreams Rocko Base is sucking everything up in this episode.
      • Despite this scene's severe intensity in her source film, Sally doesn't cry after waking up from her nightmare. Although, she always cries when she has this nightmare in any episode starting with Octavia Opens Up.
  • Sally's mom, Joan is also featured in Rocko Squad Prime. Unlike Sally, who appears in every single episode, Joan only appears in the K. Rool segment of Tough Tina.
    • Although this scene is taken directly from Sally's source film, every shot of Sally sitting on the staircase has King K. Rool sitting next to her instead of Conrad due to the latter's death. Also, after Joan tells both of these characters not to set foot in the living room, Conrad's line is replaced with one of King K. Rool's lines.
  • There is a character who appears in Rocko Squad Prime and is voiced by Spencer Breslin, the same actor who portrayed Conrad in the film where Sally originates from; in this case, Kirby. Kirby first appears in Brooklyn's Bad News for Kioko.
    • Kirby always has the hair of a major little girl, but he never has the hair of a Team Umizoomi girl (such as April). The first little girl whose hair is worn by Kirby is Myra.
    • Kirby also has Conrad's voice in the K. Rool segment of various sinking episodes, the first being Mighty Michelle.
  • While most people wake Sally by either using an alarm or by screaming Sally's name, Kirby only wakes her by doing the latter method. Whenever Kirby screams Sally's name in an attempt to wake her up, it is always recycled from Sally's source movie; specifically the one in the part that comes before Conrad saying Kirby's catchphrase from the show ("Everything is disappearing up there!").
  • Despite Sally having multiple outfits in her source movie, Sally only wears her first outfit from said film in the first four seasons of the show. She wears her second outfit from her source movie in Season 5 but returns to her first outfit in Season 6 and every season after that.