Sally Walden



Full Name Sarah Walden
Memorable Quotes You are making me cry!
Don't do it again!
Ms. O will never stop yelling!
Series Origin Dr. Seuss
Likes Meteorite
Being stuck in quicksand
Her best friends
Dislikes Crash Gordon
Species Human
Gender Female
First Appearance in Rocko Squad Prime Sleepy Casey
Color of Zs Purple
Voice Actor Dakota Fanning
"Ms. O yelled at me!"
— Sally crying over Ms. O having yelled at her


Sarah "Sally" Walden is a character in The Cat in the Hat. She's shown with her now dead brother, Conrad, and she's the daughter of the unseen Joan Walden. She is also a major girl found in Rocko Squad Prime who is introduced in Season 1.

About Sally

Sally's a well-behaved eight-year-old girl, although she doesn't have the right to boss people about.


  • Sally, Ms. O, Olympia and Vada are the only girls to have appeared in every single episode of Rocko Squad Prime.
    • Sally is also the only girl to have two interviews that are played at the end of the show, the first has her talking about herself, and the second has her telling the story of her source movie, complete with clips based on nearly everything she mentioned.
  • Sally's brother, Conrad was inititally going to remain during the events of Rocko Squad Prime, but the developers decided against this due to Sally's near-death experience in her source film.
  • Despite having been animated with CGI in the video game based on the film where Sally originates from, Sally's Rocko Squad Prime model now severely resembles her live-action form due to Rocko Squad Prime being a semi-animated television show.
  • Sally's favorite lullaby is Brahms' Lullaby.
  • While most people wake Sally by either using an alarm or by screaming Sally's name, Kirby only wakes her by doing the latter method. Whenever Kirby screams Sally's name in an attempt to wake her up, it is always recycled from Sally's source movie; specifically the one in the part that comes before Conrad saying Kirby's catchphrase from the show ("Everything is disappearing up there!").
  • Despite Sally having multiple outfits in her source movie, Sally only wears her first outfit from said film in the first four seasons of the show. She wears her second outfit from her source movie in Season 2 but returns to her first outfit in Season 3 and every season after that.
  • Sally is prone to extremely loud crying at times, mainly due to Conrad's death.