Full Name Sonya
Also Known as Puny S
Memorable Quotes Then you better BE QUIET!!!!
That will teach you for messing with my friend!!!
Thanks for a great day... (YAWN) Good... night... ZZZZZ...
Series Origin Team Umizoomi
Likes Sleeping
Jin Kazama
Her best friends
The Rocko Squad
King K. Rool
Dislikes Being called Puny S
Seeing her friends upset
Species Human
Gender Female
First Appearance in Rocko Squad Prime Cheer Up, Casey
Voice Actor Karen Strassman


Sonya is a little girl who won the big boat race in Team Umizoomi. She gave up boat racing to help the Rocko Squad in their various missions. That's why she now lives in Rockoland and not UmiCity.

About Sonya

Physical Appearance

Like in The Big Boat Race, Sonya has a purple plaid dress. Unlike the aforementioned episode, Sonya has sandals instead of shoes.

Sleeping Problems

Sometimes, Sonya cannot help sleeping. When someone mentions that Sonya is silent, there is a better-than-average chance that she will fall asleep.


  • In Sonya's Sleepy Spell, it is revealed that Sonya snores weirdly. She also has the loudest snoring of all the characters from Team Umizoomi; but she lost this title in Hannah's Sleeping Slumber to April who will lose the title of having the loudest snoring of all the Team Umizoomi children to Sally in Revenge on Rapunzel. As of Amy Arrives, Sonya and Kelly are tied for having the second loudest snoring of all the characters from Team Umizoomi.
  • The first episode where Sonya cries is called Super Sad Sonya.
  • If the viewers look closely in Sonya's bedroom when Sonya is sleeping before she wakes up, as well in various episodes such as Sonya's Sleepy Spell when she goes to bed, they can see the trophy she won in the boat race from her only appearance in Team Umizoomi on her dresser.
  • Sonya is the first ever kid to cause the recurring girl of a certain episode to irritate King K. Rool with Klump's jumping jacks dance, known as The I Wish You Wouldn't Do That Shake.
  • Sonya uses the line "I really need your help!" in Stephanie Stops By before Rock Buddy comes to Kayla's bedroom before Rock Buddy notices that Kayla didn't wake up. The line Rock Buddy uses is the same line Milli uses when Sonya called Team Umizoomi on Bot's Belly Screen, but Rock Buddy says "Good morning, Sonya! What's the problem?" compared to Milli who says "Hi, Sonya! What's the problem?"
  • Sonya's final appearance is in Megsie Green's second sinking episode. Despite this, her voice can still be heard when Krusha is told to imitate Donkey Kong.