Sophia (Sophia's Sleep)

Sophia (Sophia Under a Spell)

Sophia (Sinking With Sophia-ongoing)

Full Name Sophia
Memorable Quotes I just hung a picture of all of us in Olivia's room! I think she will like that!
It feels like I'm sinking. Look at my legs. I'm stuck up to my knees.
I sure did! Two days of being awake is too much!
Series Origin Team Umizoomi
Likes Butterflies
Evil Man
Dislikes Her nemesis
The sound of crying
Species Human
Gender Female
First Appearance in Rocko Squad Prime Double the Sophia Trouble
Voice Actor Francesca Luongo


Sophia is the star of the Butterfly Dance Show. She currently lives with the Rocko Squad. She hates Crash Gordon more than anyone else.

About Sophia

Physical Appearance

In her debut episode, Sophia had her butterfly costume from her debut from Team Umizoomi. She went on a design change in the following episode where her butterfly costume was still intact; though, her left wing has been removed, the butterfly antennas that went on her head were also removed, and some of her jewels were also removed. As of Sophia the Explorer, she no longer wears her butterfly costume due to the fact that her nemesis destroyed her butterfly costume (as mentioned in Movin' in For Emily) and instead wears a purple long-sleeved shirt with pink sweatpants and red shoes.

Sleeping Problems

Unlike her debut episode in Team Umizoomi, Sophia is prone to sleeping in Rocko Squad Prime, and she snores whenever she falls asleep.


  • Along with Crash Gordon and Olivia, Sophia is the only character in Rocko Squad Prime who has gone under a design change throughout the series.
  • The first time Sophia cries was in Hannah Needs Help. This episode is also the first episode where Sophia had an injury; in this case, on her elbow (it was also bleeding).
  • Sophia is the only character who speaks to King K. Rool on the phone twice. The first time is in Sandy Searches and the second time is in Olive's second sinking episode. The major differences between the two sinking episodes are:
    • Sophia is calm when she first calls K. Rool in Sandy's sinking episode, but is more panicked in Olive's sinking episode.
    • Sophia tells K. Rool that it's almost time for Rocko Squad Prime in Olive's sinking episode. She explains that her butterfly costume is incomplete in Sandy's sinking episode.
    • The music that plays in Sandy's sinking episode is Count to Ten. The Backyardigans song called Secret Agents plays in Olive's sinking episode.