This article is about the girl from Movie Madness. For the girl from Barney, see here.
Full Name Stacie
Memorable Quotes That was a great day! Except for the big bruise on my head.
It seems she wakes us every day with her crying!
There is too much crying to sleep.
Hi, Team Umizoomi... (yawn) Oh my... Is it morning? I didn't miss Autumn, did I?
Series Origin Team Umizoomi
Likes Her best friend
Dislikes Head injuries
Crash Gordon
Species Human
Gender Female
First Appearance in Rocko Squad Prime Ellen's Bad Day
Voice Actor Kylie Cast


Stacie is one of the girls from Movie Madness of Team Umizoomi, and a major Rocko Squad Prime character.

About Stacie

Physical Appearance

Stacie wears a purple dress, just like in Movie Madness. The only thing that's changed from her appearance in Team Umizoomi is her shoes, which are green sneakers.

Sleeping Problems

Stacie has had a habit of sleeping. She snores whenever she sleeps.


  • Stacie is the last Team Umizoomi character to have cried in her Rocko Squad Prime debut episode. The reason she cried in this episode is because the entirety of her family sans Stacie herself has died. Her sister was submerged in quicksand, and her parents were killed by the evil Crash Gordon.
  • Stacie is the first girl from Team Umizoomi who has a girl from Bloopy's Buddies as her best friend, specifically Autumn. She is to be followed by Casey with Anneka being her second best friend.
    • They are the only girls from Team Umizoomi who have a best friend who have no name prior to Rocko Squad Prime.
  • Stacie's final appearance is in Megsie Green's second sinking episode. It is also Sonya and Kelly's final appearance.