Stone Buddy
Stone Buddy
Full Name Stone of the Team Umizoomi Buddy
Also Known as Team Umizoomi
Memorable Quotes Don't doubt my little brother! I know Melissa and Emily haven't yet woke up!
Yeah, she's snoring pretty loudly.
You even infuriated my brother!!
Actually, your Daddy built it all by himself. Write him a thank you note when you can!
Series Origin Original
Likes His younger brother
Happy friends
Dislikes The sound of crying
Seeing his little brother furious
When his friends are crying
Species Rock
Gender Male
First Appearance in Rocko Squad Prime Cindy Comes to Town
Voice Actor Kevin Michael Richardson


Stone of the Team Umizoomi Buddy is Rock Buddy's older brother, and one of Meteorite's grandchildren.

About Stone Buddy

Physical Appearance

Stone Buddy and Rock Buddy are nearly identical to each other, the only difference between the two are that Stone Buddy wears a rainbow-colored knit cap and has a skull and crossbones tattoo on the front of his body. Like Rock Buddy, Stone Buddy doesn't have a mouth, but he does speak by having his skull and crossbones tattoo glow in sync with his words.

Stone Buddy's Family

  • Meteorette - His deceased maternal grandmother.
  • Meteor - His paternal grandfather
  • Meteorite - His maternal grandfather.
  • Christine Buddy - His mother.
  • Chris Buddy - His father.
  • Rock Buddy - His younger brother.
  • Pebble Buddy - His son.
  • Beetlejuice Buddy - His cousin.


  • Stone Buddy has yet to make an appearance with his grandfather.
  • Stone Buddy and April will first meet in Veronica Arrives.
    • In this episode, Stone Buddy's full name is revealed to be "Stone of the Team Umizoomi Buddy" which would make Rock Buddy's full name "Rock of the Team Umizoomi Buddy".
  • In the opening sequence during Season 4, after Sophia says "Woah, Milli. That was so cool." Stone Buddy replies, "I'd love to show this to that idiot son of mine!" He is referring to Pebble Buddy, who never appears in the series with his father. It is revealed that Stone Buddy's hatred over Pebble Buddy is the same as Heihachi Mishima's hatred over Kazuya Mishima prior to Rocko Squad Prime.