Vada Sultenfuss
Full Name Vada Sultenfuss
Memorable Quotes So, have you had the unfortunate experience of recently losing a loved one?
This is worse than the time my friend got stung by a bunch of bees!
Series Origin My Girl
Likes Her gaming console
Her best friend
Dislikes Seeing Thomas J. angry
Species Human
Gender Female
First Appearance in Rocko Squad Prime Very Vada
Voice Actor Anna Chlumsky
"I don't want to upset you, but my left breast is developing at a significantly faster rate than my right."
— Vada interacting with her babysitter and her father at the same time.


Vada Sultenfuss is the daughter of Harry Sultenfuss and a major character of My Girl. She returns in Rocko Squad Prime, once again as a major character.

About Vada

In most episodes, Vada has a pink shirt and blue jeans. Sometimes, she wears a blue vest, a green shirt, and a yellow skirt. She rarely wears a schoolgirl's shirt, a denim skirt, and sneakers.

Sleeping Problems

Vada has a hard time sleeping, she usually has to sleep every once in a while.


  • Despite being full of medical issues in her source movie, such as a chicken bone lodged in her throat, Vada has no medical issues in Rocko Squad Prime, probably because Evil Man doesn't allow female children to die.
    • Although this may be true, she still mentions her medical issues and even explains that her left breast is developing much faster than her right breast in the K. Rool segment for Don't Dilly-Dally, Danette! Despite mentioning that she's dying in said episode, Vada does not die due to Evil Man's rule on having no female kids dying.
  • Vada is one of the only three girls to have a line in every episode she appeared in so far, the other two are Sally and Olympia.
    • Likewise, Vada and Olympia are the only ones to always be roommates, even if they don't interact with King K. Rool beforehand.