Veruca Salt
Veruca Salt
Full Name Veruca Salt
Memorable Quotes If you don't stay awake, I'm gonna tell my Daddy!
I just wanted to get some exercise. Ummmm, I think my feet are stuck.
It's pulling me now. I think I'm gonna go under!
Series Origin Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Likes Her father
Rock Buddy
Her best friend
Dislikes Crash Gordon
When her friends are being too abusive
Species Human
Gender Female
First Appearance in Rocko Squad Prime To Sleep or Not to Sleep
Voice Actor Julia Winter


Veruca Salt is a spoiled girl from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and a recurring (later major) girl from Rocko Squad Prime.

About Veruca

Physical Appearance

Just like in the 2005 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film, Veruca wears a white dress with black sneakers.

Sleeping Problems

Veruca has experienced some sleeping problems in Rocko Squad Prime, and she has to take a nap whenever she can. She snores whenever she sleeps.


  • Even though Veruca is no longer a spoiled brat in Rocko Squad Prime, Veruca's father is mentioned many times in the aforementioned television show. Like Veruca herself, her father is immortal. In Season 3, it is revealed that Veruca's father works as a civil engineer.
    • Veruca is the second major girl who gets her Sinkinator from one of her own relatives, the first being Gina. The relative who gives Veruca her Sinkinator is her father. Although, Stone Buddy delivers her Sinkinator and tells her that her father had the idea to give her one.
  • Veruca Salt and Violet Beauregarde are the only children from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory who appear in Rocko Squad Prime. They are both major characters, both getting promoted to major in Season 3.
  • Veruca Salt and Lea Clark are the only movie girls to have another movie girl as a best friend. Veruca and Lea's best friends are Felicity Merriman and Ruthie, respectively.